Parish council’s strongly worded protest over HS2


CULCHETH and Glazebury Parish Council has written a strongly-worded letter to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling asked him to take action to stop the closure of Wigshaw Lane to make way for the HS2 rail line.
They say the permanent closure of the road would seriously affect the lives of local people through effectively cutting off the communities of Culcheth and Croft from each other.
Parish council chairman Margaret Webber said: “The recent consultations about the impact of HS2 on the local area have revealed particularly strong concerns about the negative effects of the planned permanent closure of Wigshaw Lane and the re-routing of traffic between Culcheth, Croft and Winwick, onto the already overcrowded A574.”
The council says Wigshaw Lane is the only established practical route between the villages of Culcheth and Croft, and its closure would mean the two communities would be effectively cut off from each other.
“The residents of Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft remain deeply opposed to the route of HS2 through the villages, which will seriously affect their lives. We understand this route is the current plan, and we believe that the changes to the infrastructure resulting from HS2 should be designed to minimise additional damage to the area, not make things even worse.
“Recent consultations between the parish council and local people have brought out strong concerns about the effect of cutting Wigshaw Lane on the quality of life and economy of the area. When Wigshaw Lane has been closed temporarily in the recent past, local businesses have noted a sharp drop in income. Residents of Croft generally rely on Culcheth for shops, the medical centre, dentists, the high school, and other services. The closure of Wigshaw Lane would cause the loss of services and business for both villages.
“We call on the Minister for Transport to take action without delay to prevent the closure of Wigshaw Lane.”
The parish council is also urging local residents to make teir own individual objections.
Cllr Webber said: “Everyone who lives, works or has other connections in the villages will be deeply affected by the severing of Wigshaw Lane. It is now vitally important that, as well as individual residents, representatives and individual members of local businesses, schools, churches, health services, leisure organisations, sports clubs, etc. send in separate responses to the proposed closure. If you represent a business or organisation which serves the community in any way, please send in a response on their behalf. “
Representations must be made in one of the following ways:
1. By filling in the online forms: and
2. By email: and
3. By post: Freepost HS2 Phase 2B Environmental consultation and Freepost HS2 Phase 2B Equality consultation.
4. By filling in a form available from Culcheth Library.


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