Portugal Digital Nomad Visa for Remote Workers: Requirements and Benefits


In autumn 2022, the local authorities developed the concept of Portugal digital nomad visa. The state boasts not only a comfortable climate and awesome places but also a proper infrastructure and joyful living.

There is even a village for nomads, so their presence is big enough, and new arrivals are always welcomed. Here, we disclose the most important details.

Eligibility Requirements for Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

Callan Richardson, an expert on Imin Portugal, emphasizes the presence of two kinds of Portugal visas for online workers:

  1. The short-term option lasts one year and allows more than one entry. It is not associated with further residency.
  2. Those who are interested in staying here longer or even becoming a citizen one day should apply for a long-term option, which gives them the ability to stay for two years as a resident.

The usual way to obtain a Portuguese visa for freelancers is similar in both cases. It is based on the correspondence to the next criteria:

  • Full of age.
  • Non-EU/EEA citizen.
  • Contract with a company and the ability to confirm income.
  • A salary per month of 3280 euros and at least 9840 euros in the bank account, which corresponds to the annual minimum in the country in 2024.
  • An apartment should be booked beforehand for a planned duration.

In addition, a digital nomad visa requires the next expenses:

  • a processing fee of 75 euros for a temporary and 90 euros for a long-term option;
  • health insurance between 20 and 100 euros per month due to the package;
  • pay for rent, which starts from 800 euros per month and correlates with the city.

Furthermore, relatives can also be included in the program. Spouses, children younger than 18 years, and parents over 65 years are on the list. Other dependent members of the family may also prepare everything needed and become participants.

Application Process for Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

The experts of Imin Portugal explain that on average 3 months are needed to complete this procedure. During this period, the applicant moves through the following stages:

  1. Submitting the prepared files to the consulate. One has also to pay a processing fee. This step can be done in 2 weeks.
  2. The authorities take a maximum of two months to check everything and issue a visa.
  3. Once they have been informed about a positive decision, they can move to the country, live and work there.

Those who have applied for a long-term stay should re-submit the files to the local dedicated authorities after arrival. The permit will be ready in a period from 2 to 12 weeks.

Altogether, the process is simple and hassle-free. Only investment programs are similar in timing and speed of processing but they are based on funding. Other types of permits are more challenging and not so often claimed.

Benefits of Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa

Portugal visa for remote workers is worth your attention due to the following:

  • Longer stay in the state compared to other options and ability of multiple visits during the selected period.
  • The threshold of criteria is attractive. Many people have sufficient income and the only thing they need to arrange is an apartment.
  • Becoming a valid traveler across the Schengen zone, which includes almost all European continent.

Living in this country is about a perfect climate, easy tax rules, affordable living, a reliable healthcare system, active leisure, and numerous awesome opportunities.

The long-term stay may lead one to citizenship in five years, which is a relatively short time. This timeframe is enough to get acquainted with the state, its traditions and culture, and learn basic Portuguese, as one needs to pass an exam for language proficiency for the application.

Tips for Successful Application

Those who are interested in this program are encouraged to learn more and prepare for participation. For this, check the eligibility criteria first. Also, decide on the option you wish to get, which should correlate with the planned period of stay.

Then, select the preferable location in the state. It will influence the living cost and this should be included in the planning of your budget. Booking an apartment is one of the crucial points, so take your time while considering this issue.

Do not hesitate to turn to professional agencies that can help you manage the package of documents and check their accuracy. Once everything is ready, apply and get your visa for a perfect joyful stay.



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