What do we want out of customer service?


Every single one of us has encountered customer service in our lifetime. Any time we purchase a product or use a service, we experience that particular company’s approach to caring for customers’ needs and wants.

We may not even realize it when it’s happening. However, this approach becomes abundantly clear once we reach a query that we need answered or a problem that we need resolved. The fashion in which a business responds and reacts to a customer issue can be make or break. It can determine whether a customer will return again. It can determine what they tell their friends and family about your services. This is why a great customer experience strategy is not only important but extremely vital.

Sometimes excellent customer service may seem like an unlikely thing to be able to achieve. Human beings can be picky, difficult and hard to please. But we can also be very simple in our wants and needs. On a very basic level, we want to feel heard and we want to feel understood. No matter how small or insignificant a problem may seem, all we as individuals truly desire is validation. That’s why contact centers must approach each customer problem with the firm belief that it matters and that it deserves resolution. This increases the chances of customers remaining calm during the process and therefore leaving the interaction feeling pleased with the outcome. Once that has been achieved, solving an issue seems much more simple for all parties involved.

Of course, in order to find such success, a business would need an effective contact center to solve problems and to enhance the customer experience. Odigo offers services that will assist with this. They specialize in Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions. Using CCaaS solutions and with the development of technology, Odigo provides worthwhile benefits for both customers and for customer service agents. With an effective combination of necessary human interaction and AI-based automation, promoting positive outcomes is significantly easier. Odigo can supply a customized training experience for your team along with a “digital transformation” to suit the needs and requirements of your business.

When human interaction is involved, customer service agents require patience, kindness and determination. On a digital level, businesses should have a user-friendly interface that does not invoke frustration. Implementing such features has created several Odigo success stories. For instance, since installing Odigo, French retail chain Mr. Bricolage has seen a higher resolution rate with an increase of 20%. More of their customers are having their issues resolved in the first call and with a lower abandonment rate. Initially founded in 1986, Odigo has only been growing ever since with 2019 marking the point that they became a standalone brand. With revolutionary ideas, such as their omnichannel bot and 360-degree customer review, it is obvious that Odigo have developed an impressive expertise on what makes excellent customer service and how to achieve it.

So don’t hesitate to give your customers a memorable experience for all the right reasons.


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