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Services provided by SC Vehicle Hire


During the summer, people carry out their activities in different places. Carrying out these activities becomes tricky as one cannot rely on public transport. To enjoy thoroughly, you should own a personal vehicle which will allow you to travel anytime you want.

Again it will enable you to go to any place of interest as well attend activities in time. For summer activities in the UK, at https://scvehiclehire.co.uk/ we rent vehicles to customers. This curbs problem encountered in booking vehicles for your journey. We are conveniently reached through email or a phone call.

The company cars

Different sizes, affordable and self-driven vans are available and reliable to anyone. We have a diverse fleet of vehicles to meet any customer’s needs too well managed to give you an excellent service. The different sizes are to help you meet every need most efficiently. Your requirement will depend on whether the number of people to travel will be large, medium or small. We take insurance cover for our vehicles; therefore, compensation is made in case of involvement in an accident. The vehicles are brand new and well serviced to provide one with comfortable enjoyment for the day. Delivery services for your ordered vehicle are available in any location.


Our services are offering transportation to any client who needs to hire a vehicle for essential activities. At SC, we offer the best advanced as well as your transportation needs. Our vehicles range from small vehicles such as cars to larger vehicles such as minibuses. The vehicle is of the highest standards and brand new to meet every customer’s needs. On delivery, our client is allowed to be in the delivery location to make sure the vehicle is accepted or even rejected. This allows you to have an added advantage as you are in a position to get the correct vehicle you want. The firm has modern well-serviced vehicles and maintained. The types of vehicles include Toyotas, range rovers, RAV 4, Mercedes E class among others.

Renting cost

We charge small amounts for our vehicles to any of our customers. Rented vehicles are used for any activity. After hiring, we give details to curb any problem to encounter on the road such as licenses, and this improves your comfort while pursuing your event for the day. Prices include delivery as well collection in any location over the region.

Normal delivery

We deliver the vehicle as soon as possible to prevent last rush and therefore interrupt with your activities. Classic vehicles such as rage rover are availed for those who like to hire them. It is not a must to come to our enterprises. On contacting, on your request we choose the vehicle that correctly fits for you regarding travelers and your needs. Contacting us is helpful, and we offer you with the relevant information you need. There are two ways on how you can reach us, whether email or contact and we sort out your problem. In case you are unable to reach our enterprises, we deliver the vehicle to your location at a fair price. Delivery is at the place you require or at any location in the UK.


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