Morris dancers bring history to life at Culcheth


A GROUP of Morris Dancers brought history to life at Culcheth by re-enacting an event of 172 years ago.
Thelwall Morris Men danced a short set in front of a small crowd of onlookers on Maypole Green – the same piece of ground where the making of history was celebrated in 1846.
Spokesman for the dancers Andrew White said that according to an 1846 article in the Manchester Courier and Lancaster General Advertiser there were celebrations in Culcheth on July 4 1846.
The newspaper reported: “The people of Culcheth celebrated the repeal of the Corn Laws, by rejoicings on a plot of ground belonging to the township, The plot in question was given by a member of the Trafford family, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in order that the villagers of the olden time might amuse and perfect themselves in the Maurice or Morris dance, which was much in vogue at that time”.
Mr White said: “The date of those ‘rejoicings’ was 4th July 1846 and on 4th July 2018, Thelwall Morris Men danced on that very ground, Maypole Green, fulfilling the purpose of the initial donation.”
Thelwall Morris Men is a small team who practice on Wednesday evenings from 8.15pm onwards at Thelwall Parish Hall and are always on the lookout for new members.
Anyone interested in joining them should contact them at [email protected] or check out their website.


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