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Housing staff call for “a decent pay increase”


HOUSING staff lobbied the Torus board meeting today to highlight their falling living standards and the need for a decent pay increase.    
The staff work in a range of roles including administrators, customer service advisers, housing officers and maintenance staff in Warrington and St Helens.
They are unhappy that Torus bosses are again planning to hold their pay below the rate of inflation.  Last year, staff received a pay rise of 1.5per cent, but prices went up by 3.5per cent and the cost of some everyday items has risen dramatically including bus fares (14per cent), clothing and footwear (9per cent) and petrol (8per cent).  For the next 12 months staff are due to receive 2per cent, but this is again below the forecast inflation rate and marks another real-terms pay cut.
So far Torus bosses have ignored their staff’s rejection of a below-inflation pay offer, while the highest-paid Board member has seen their payment increase by more than 6per cent.
Dan Smith, UNISON North West Regional Organiser said: “Housing staff have experienced some very difficult years.  Their working hours and their workloads have been increased, while their pay has not kept up with inflation.
“Torus is doing well financially and it is not fair that frontline staff are expected to suffer further cuts to their living standards.
“To avert the possibility of this ending in strike action, Torus bosses need to negotiate and agree a fair pay deal for staff.”
Torus comprises the Warrington-based Golden Gates Housing and St Helens-based Helena Partnerships


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  1. It’s a bit hard to understand all that and yes various living costs have increased for all of us.


    It says they are protesting as they are only getting a 2 per cent increase but it does not say how much an hour they are currently paid. Are they all on national minimum pay with that being increased by 2%
    …or maybe they are on the national living wage with that being increased by 2%….or perhaps they are on £20 and hour with that being increased by 2%.

    Percentages mean nothing unless you know the actual figure it’s based on 🙁

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