Rare additions arrive at Cycle Museum


VIDEO: TWO rare additions have been added to the 150 strong collection of bicycles at the Walton Hall Cycle Museum in Warrington.

Museum Curator Paul Adams had been searching for the rare bicycles for more than 10 years.

Now the 1893 Crypto Bantamette Ladies bicycle, one of only two known in the world, and the rare 1895 solid tyred Hillman Herbert and Cooper Gentleman’s Premier bicycle, are now taking pride of place at the museum inside Walton Hall and Gardens.

Paul, aged 73, admits his bicycle collection is an obsession which started in his childhood when he developed an interest in vintage cars – before moving on to bicycles which were “more affordable!”

“I’ve been after these bikes for more than 10 years and I am delighted they are now part of the collection.”

The museum is open every weekend and admission is free.


Paul Adams with the rare Crypto Bantamette Ladies Bicycle – one of only two known to exist in the world!


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  1. Fantastic bikes and for some reason I thought the cycle museum has closed down a couple of years ago and hadn’t re-opened again (from when they were planning on selling the hall and some of the grounds). Great to hear it is still open at weekends and I’m definitely going to go and might even pay the £3.50 to park too without moaning (just the once though) 😉

  2. I have a Dawes Windsor cycle I purchased about 35 years ago, it still has the original tyres and brake blocks that came with it new. I am looking for a new home and will donate it free to any museum that thinks it will enhance its collection. My email is [email protected]

  3. Hello im john i have a raliegh budgie which was bought for me as a young child off my grandparents…i think it was around 1977…i have owned the bkke since,,its all totally original,,ie tyres brake pads seat etc,,,it is total unmolested,,allways brings a smile too my face wen i look at it….however the time as cm for me too part wiv the little beauty..wud u be intrested in buying this from me thanks john.

    • Hi John, Good to hear about Your Raliegh bike…Yes, Yes We wouild be interested in owning the machine…Give me a ring on 01928 711395 OR 07930882569 to discuss….Regards aul

  4. Fantastic museum! I hear it is to move but I hope it gets a special place to display this rare and amazing collection of velocepedes. If needs greater promotion as its a special collection that needs to be seen – remember Radio Four voted the bike the greatest invention.

    • )Hi Don, Many thanks for Your kind comments, However the re=location is NOT going well…The proposed NEW space is NOT nearly big enough to house all of the current collection and the NEW building is NOT yet ready for occupation, in the mean time I have rented a 40 foot container to keep some items in storage…..( massive costs) But Hey HO lests get on with IT…Regards Paul

  5. I have got a Raleigh pioneer venture brand new out of a container it’s the last one with metal badges apparently
    Still has nobly bits on tyres I’ve been told it’s from the 80s and I might be sitting on a goldmine few little scratches I presume from being moved around over the years
    Any help or info on anything about this bike would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi PABS…..Good to hear of Your unique FIND…….Perhaps We could have a picture or better still can you bring the machine down to the Museum…Regards Paul

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