Mock election was more startling than the real thing!


YEAR 8 students at Culcheth High School took part in a “mock election” shortly before the General Election – and the results were perhaps even more startling than the real thing!

The poll came at the end of a series of lessons in the Humanities Faculty on how the political system works in the UK.
The students had the opportunity to independently cast their votes on a ballot paper and post them in a ballot box.
When the votes were counted it was found 54 per cent went to Labour, followed by the Reform Party and the Green Party with 35 per cent.
The Liberal Democrats came fourth, followed by the Conservatives who won just one per cent of the vote.
The lessons – which took place as part of the History, Geography and RE lessons – covered the manifestos of the different parties, environmental issues and the importance of voting.
The work linked to the school’s Year 8 Personal Development Curriculum.


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