Popular Pasha Lounge Bar facing enforcement action for breaching planning law


THE popular town centre Pasha Lounge Bar is facing enforcement action from Warrington Borough Council after spending tens of thousands of pounds on new fencing, a pod and sheds to provide an outdoor drinking and dining experience.

The wooden construction of the enclosed drinking and eating areas at the Grade II Listed building has taken place without planning permission, although they are similar to sheds erected in Queen’s Gardens by the council, apparently also without planning consent.

The Pasha Lounge Bar on Buttermarket Street, offers drinks and a wide range of Tapas and also provides authentic Turkish waterpipes for a true Eastern experience. It is also a popular music venue for local performers.

It appears to the council that the breach of planning control law at the Pasha Lounge Bar occurred within the last four years. They say there is a failure to provide a comprehensive assessment of the historic site, setting and building features and seek to minimise or mitigate the negative impact of the development. The development does not meet the higher standards of design required for conservation areas with materials of construction of a good quality which are durable in order to
ensure that they make a positive contribution to the street scene, both now and in the future. There is no palette of high-quality materials which are appropriate to the local context as should be the case.

It goes on to say the development fails to preserve the setting of the Grade 2 Listed buildings and the character and appearance of the Buttermarket Street conservation area. The council has not been able to bring about resolution of the breach of planning control through the submission of a planning application. The council do not consider that planning permission should be given because planning conditions could not overcome these objections.
The council say the horizontal wooden batten fencing and supporting structure should be removed along with all enclosed drinking and eating areas within the entire site frontage, including all the sheds, pod and wooden enclosure and then restore the land to its previous appearance and condition as a grassed garden area. The period for compliance is three calendar months from the 11th of June

A representative of the Pasha Lounge Bar said: “We are incredibly disappointed to have received an enforcement notice from the council.
“We have invested tens of thousands of pounds in improving the pub despite the council trying to hamper us at every point, including trying to stop us from receiving Covid grants.
“The council has put similar sheds in the Queen’s gardens without planning. It seems incredibly unfair given so many hospitality businesses are closing.”

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said: “As with all ongoing open cases we are not able to provide specific details on these matters.”


The council sheds in Queen’s Gardens


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