Parish councillor plans to give people a chance to vote for an independent candidate at next General Election


GREAT Sankey Parish Cllr Nigel Catlow has announced his intention to put his name forward as an independent candidate for the constituency of Warrington South.

His campaign at the next General Election will be based on “Vote for the person, not the party.”

Nigel said: “As a keen watcher of both local and national politics plus being in the fortunate position of holding an elected Parish Councillor position in Great Sankey since 2021, I strongly feel Warrington deserves an alternative.

“With what is happening in national politics and the current government shenanigans, firstly with Boris Johnson, then the 45 days of Liz Truss being in office and now with Rishi Sunak becoming the third PM in this current parliamentary five-year term.
“As a Warrington resident since 1998, having moved to the area with work in late 1990, I consider this very much my hometown, marrying a local girl and having two sons being educated in Warrington Schools and the local college.
“It is my intention, when the next General Election is called to put my name forward as an INDEPENDENT Candidate for the constituency of Warrington South.

“I believe that the good people of Warrington South should have an alternative choice on the ballot paper at the next GE. I can’t see how people will keep loyal to the Conservative Party, then will people genuinely put their trust in a Labour Party, when you can see at first-hand how the Labour-run local authority is up to its neck in debt and will they trust the Lib Dems based on their current local record of supporting Labour and its previous coalition at national level?
“I want people to be able to vote for someone, instead of possibly abstaining, spoil their papers or just act in complete apathy, as they can’t trust any of the three main national parties.

“As an INDEPENDENT, I can sit and vote without fear of any retribution, if I vote against a policy, unlike the main parties who will remove the whip, in punishment. I will be able to represent the electorate without having to be pulled by any party line and vote for the good of the residents of Warrington South.
“I will be setting up a “Go Fund Me” to help with all election fees and expenses, as the campaign will be based on “Vote for the Person, not the Party”. Any surplus funds raised and not used, after the campaign, will be donated to Warrington Foodbank.
“People can consider me as the voice of the silent majority.”
The next United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held no later than January 2025 and determine the 59th House of Commons.

The Warrington South seat is currently Andy Carter (Con), who took the seat from Labour’s Faisal Rashid in December 2019.

Andy Carter Conservative 28,187 45.5%
Faisal Rashid Labour 26,177 42.3%
Ryan Bate Liberal Democrat 5,732 9.3%
Clare Aspinall The Brexit Party 1,635 2.6%
Kevin Hickson Social Democratic Party 168 0.3%


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