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As a part of being the leading AV systems integrator, the STRIVE AV integration company in the UK is implementing projects to introduce corporate video referencing and automation tools.

As a result, we’re offering modern, functional, reliable solutions that are easy to use and affordable to own. Our system integrator will manage your AV technologies for maximum productivity and control everything running reliably and smoothly.

Control (dispatch) centers

The dispatch centre is one of the main elements of dispatching. Its main task is to ensure the dispatch service’s continuity, efficiency, and comfort to improve the quality of control and efficiency in decision-making.

Problems that are solved

  • Switching and displaying large amounts of information;
  • Compliance with ergonomic requirements for the organization of workplaces;
  • Structured cabling, LAN, lighting, air conditioning, automated workstation, and specialized furniture;
  • Uninterrupted operation and fault tolerance of the dispatch centre.

Description of the technical solution

The main element of the dispatch centre is a screen for collective use (video wall), which displays information from various sources and allows you to form a general picture of the current situation. Furthermore, the arrangement of windows on the screen can be configured manually and automatically according to previously saved scenarios, allowing you to quickly switch the display mode depending on the problem under consideration.

Dispatchers’ workstations are then correspondingly equipped, the necessary switching of video signals is implemented, a LAN and structured cabling are set up, and uninterrupted power supply, lighting and air conditioning of the dispatch centre are secured.

The advantages of StriveAV here

  • The design of dispatch centres is carried out with the involvement of our own specialists in IT infrastructure and AV integration. Ergonomics standards are taken into account, technical conditions for the proper operation of the equipment are provided;
  • The presence of our assembly of workstations and video wall controllers allows us to reduce the cost of the solution and offer more favourable conditions to the customer.

Corporate video conference links&opportunities

Video conferencing is increasingly replacing the usual telephone conversations and tedious business trips from the communication system. Companies that have tried all the advantages of this technology on their own experience can no longer return to a simple telephone interaction since they are getting used to the absence of any distances between colleagues from other cities, which is provided by the installation of video conferencing.

Problems that are solved

  • Reduction of financial and time costs for business trips of employees;
  • Improving the effectiveness of conferences and talks through video meetings;
  • Improving the control and quality of management of the company’s activities;
  • Improving efficiency in decision-making.

Description of the technical solution

Corporate video conferencing has several stages of implementation. In the first stage, each employee has access to a video conferencing service from their work computer and personal devices. Next, a single directory of contacts of the organization appears, integration with IP telephony is carried out, and multilateral video communication is implemented.

In the second stage, the meeting rooms are equipped with display means, a camera, and a system for wireless connection of tablets and laptops for discussing documents.

In the third stage, additional functionality is implemented:

  • Recording events
  • Equipping classrooms for distance learning
  • A video portal
  • A system for booking meeting rooms

The advantages of using StriveAV

Our company specializes in AV and IT areas. Therefore, IT infrastructure and AV integrators are closely merging into our video conferencing solutions.

Meeting/Conference rooms

Today, with the spread of a collaborative leadership style, meetings are becoming increasingly important, are being convened more often and take up a significant part of our time. Under these conditions, it is necessary to ensure their high efficiency, including technical support and automation.

Problems that are solved

  • Collective viewing of presentations and documents;
  • Displaying documents from personal devices (tablets and laptops);
  • Video communication with remote participants and joint review of documents;
  • Mutual voting and recording of events;
  • Recording and broadcasting of events.

The description of the technical solution

The audiovisual complex of the meeting room is designed to create conditions for quick access to information, facilitate its perception and analysis, and regulate speeches and discussions. The audiovisual complex is based on information display tools, a congress system and a sound system. However, the complex can be supplemented with other systems, if necessary, to expand the functionality of the hall: documentation, videoconferencing, and voting.

StriveAV advantages here

  • Ease of use and operational management of the entire complex of technical means from an intuitive interface on the touch panel with a choice of operating modes of the complex;
  • The use of equipment, which is proven by many years of experience to ensure the reliability of the complex even in the most important events;
  • Careful calculation of ergonomics, participation in the design of furniture;
  • Attention to detail: viewing angles, equipment noise, viewing distance, hidden installation and maintaining the integrity of the interior, and the possibility of further expansion.

Classroom for distance learning

A company’s success largely depends on its employees’ level of knowledge and professional skills. Therefore, it is essential to train the team in the latest technological developments constantly. That is why training and seminars aimed at improving employees’ skills become one of the main priorities of each company.

Solved problems

  • High costs for organizing training;
  • Impossibility to conduct one-time training for employees of all branches;
  • Re-training of new employees / after a vacation or sick leave;
  • Lack of audio-video recording of the training for repetition of material.

Description of the technical solution

This solution includes a software and hardware complex in the classroom, in which the teacher conducts training in his usual mode.

  • Freely moves around the space;
  • Draws on an interactive display;
  • Uses an electronic presentation;
  • The camera automatically points to the speaker and keeps his close-up;
  • So, the teacher communicates with remote employees via video conferencing;
  •  Remote employees can take online training or watch the recording, so there is no interruption to production.

Advantages of using StriveAV

  • Ease of use and operational management of the entire complex of technical means from an intuitive interface on the touch panel with a choice of operating modes of the complex;
  • Careful calculation of ergonomics, participation in the design of furniture, attention to detail: viewing angles, equipment noise, viewing distance, concealed installation and maintaining the integrity of the interior, the possibility of further expansion









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