6 Simple Ways You Can Prepare for Power Outages at Home


It is always good to keep in mind the motto “always be prepared”. Although, people might not understand the importance of that sentence until found in a situation that one has not prepared properly for. 

Unfortunately, it is not as uncommon for people to be without power for a few days or longer, especially since climate change is making havoc around the planet with floods, superstorms, droughts, and tornadoes.

Even if some people may feel a little bit paranoid about keeping a supply of certain items in the house for an emergency, it is always a wise idea to have them. If unsure of what to do when the power outage strikes, here are some 6 simple ways that might help you.


Having a home generator is handy. It can be used for backup electricity in case of an outage. It would be advised to keep in mind that they should be used in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer. No matter if it is new or used, it certainly has its advantages which professionals from BellwoodRewinds.co.uk would confirm. The back-up generator can only be connected to the electrical system of your home through the switch, as well as an approved transfer panel which is installed by a qualified electrician. It would be wise to never plug a generator into a wall outlet. The reason being, serious injury can occur. It can happen when the current produced by this machine is going back into the electrical lines.

As a result, it is transformed to a higher voltage. Here are tips on how to use the generator in a safe way:

  • Always follow the instructions
  • Make sure that the generator operates in well-ventilated conditions and outdoors far away from windows or doors so you could prevent gases to enter the house
  • Lights and appliances should be connected directly to the generator. In case the extension cords must be used, keep in mind that they are properly rated


During an emergency, or power outage, your family would need at least one gallon of water per person. You will also require additional water for cooking, hygiene, and pets if you have them.

In case you are preparing for a two-week power outage, that comes to around 112 gallons of water, sometimes even more.


In case you are out of power for an extended period of time, have in mind that store shelves will be emptied within hours.

Also, a side effect of that is they might not be restocked for a certain time. For this reason, it would be wise to have a long-term food pantry.

Staying Warm

In case a long-term power outage happens during the winter, you are going to need supplies in order to stay warm. If you have a fireplace or woodstove already, then you are all set. However, if not, think about a portable kerosene heater as another option. Even if these can be rather expensive, purchasing one used on eBay you can save a lot of money.

Being Healthy

Unfortunately, the long-term power outage also means you will likely not have access to the medicines. You and your family need to stay healthy., and one way to prepare for this scenario would be to learn to rely on natural remedies that can serve as a good substitute.

As an example, elderberry syrup is considered to be an incredibly effective immune booster. It can assist your children and you to recover from illnesses quicker. You can always purchase elderberries online at a low price, and create your own elderberry syrup.

And if possible, extra medications on hand for the long-term blackout will be more than useful.

Having Fun

This might not seem like the most important supply to have close by, but you would be surprised at how having anything to do during a blackout can help you to keep calm and entertained. People, in general, are so used to constant distraction, that 2 days without a phone, computer, Tv, iPad, or sufficient light source to read a book with, can leave them feeling extremely anxious. You do not want to spend all your time going in circles in the dark. For that reason, you could consider a deck of playing cards or some other game.

It is recommended to stay calm when and if a situation like this happens. There is nothing much to do other than to report the outage and wait for it to be fixed. Until then, the best solution would be to use things you have prepared for these types of occurrences, and the power will be back before you know it.


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