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Housing estate flooded for second time in only weeks


A HOUSING estate at Culcheth was today flooded for the second time in a couple of weeks.
Roads on the Mee Brow estate were under water – and a traffic island completely submerged – after heavy rain.
Angry residents are demanding action to prevent further floods.
Culcheth and Glazebury parish councillor Sue Bland said: “This is outrageous. It’s the second time it has happened in the last couple of weeks.
“It has been a long-standing problem but it has never been as bad as this before. I don’t know what the cause of the problem is, other than that the drains obviously can’t cope with the amount of rain that’s coming down.
“The parish council has been in touch with the borough council, but they don’t seem to be able to sort out the problem.
“But it is terrible for local people and it is time something was done.”

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said “The council is currently on site and are working with United Utilities to rectify the problem. We are dealing with an ongoing issue and have commenced an investigation into the exact cause of the flooding.”


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  1. I took the picture of the flood (above) on 23rd February whilst marooned in Beaverbrook avenue and posted it on my facebook page. Sue Bland then forwarded it to Culcheth Life. This flooding happens regularly here, it has been going on for 20 years, so nothing to do with Climate Change, which no doubt will be the excuse, when in fact it is due to blocked or inadequate drains. I had to book a taxi to get out of the street on Monday morning, in order to keep a medical appointment in Warrington, so I am going to present the taxi bill to WBC. The taxi would only drive part way into the flood; I had to squeeze through a neighbour’s hedge, then climb over another neighbour’s fence to get to the taxi. I am reasonably fit but at 78 I can’t be affording taxis just to get out of the street. A young lad that lives opposite, had to miss school cos he couldn’t get out of the street which is a cul de sac! This situation has been reported many times before but nothing changes!

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