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Fears over “accident waiting to happen” at new zebra crossing


WORRIED residents have expressed concern that a new, partially installed zebra crossing at Lymm is “an accident waiting to happen.”
The crossing is being installed on the A56 Church Road by Warrington Borough Council, following a two-year battle to get it by Lymm Parish Council.
But although work started on it some two weeks ago, involving the road being closed for two nights, it has still not been completed, with the flashing beacons still not installed.
A temporary sign states that the crossing is not yet operational.
A number of residents have expressed concern that cars – and ice cream vans – parked at Lymm Dam – will block motorists’ view of the pavement near the crossing and prevent them from seeing pedestrians about to step onto the crossing.
One resident expressed “horror and deep concern” about the crossing.
Philip Lovell said: “This is an accident waiting to happen and needs immediate action to avoid a serious incident with school children or people walking around the Dam.
“The crossing allows cars to park right up to the crossing therefore making it impossible for motorists to see if anyone is waiting to cross until they are on top of the crossing.
“The crossing is at the bottom of a steep dip in the road where cars often drive fast.
“Whoever designed this crossing needs to arrange for immediate alterations. The simplest way is to stop cars parking in the parking bays right up to the crossing.”
Cllr Ian Marks – a member of both the borough council and the parish council, said: “Lymm Parish Council has been trying to get this crossing for about two years and we believe the previous situation, with pedestrians crossing the road in an uncontrolled manner, was an accident waiting to happen.
“But I agree the present situation is not satisfactory and something needs to be done to get the work completely quickly and the flashing beacons installed. I have asked the borough council to get the work finished as soon as possible.”
A borough council spokesperson said: “The safety of pedestrians is of vital importance to the council and is given great consideration upon the installation of any highway measures.
“Historically a substantial number of people used this specific location to cross unaided and very few would detour to a new crossing at an alternate location along the route. Therefore the existing uncontrolled crossing needed to be upgraded to the zebra crossing presently being installed.  This crossing upgrade will increase the safety of pedestrians by warning approaching drivers in advance of the crossing – something that did not previously occur.
“Adjustments have been made to the pedestrian build out on the Dam side of the road to increase the visibility between pedestrians and approaching drivers passing by parked vehicles.
“As with all pedestrian crossings introduced, many checks were undertaken including traffic speeds in both directions. This revealed that though there may be singular instances of speeding, the average speed was below national criteria used to assess the safe installation of zebra crossing provision.”


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