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why you should acquire the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification?


Prince2 is mainly the method to define the standards of project management.

A wide number of industries throughout the world has adopted the method by now and are enjoying a wide range of benefits out of it. The high demand for the method in various industries has also led to high demand for candidates who are professionals in Prince2. It has been found out as per recent research that the average salary of any professional who has acquired the certification course should be somewhere around $90,000.

What Can Be Learnt In The Prince2 Foundation And Practitioner Certification Course?

If you are about to take up the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Certification course, you will be able to learn a number of things such as start and closing of a project, progress reviews, communication, breaking down the project in different chunks to manage better, controlling of the project.

In order to learn so many different things, a proper curriculum of the course has been designed for the professionals. The curriculum is divided into segments and these are Prince2 introduction, Prince2 principles, Prince2 themes, and Prince2 processes.

Under these many segments, there are various topics that will be covered up in the course such as business environment, project management aspects, Prince2 elements, principles of Prince2, themes of Prince2, and the process model of Prince2.

Who Can Take Up This Course?

If you are someone who wishes to take up the certification course, there are some of the prerequisites that you need to fulfill. To apply for the certification course, you should have any of these credentials completed.

  • Prince2 Foundation,
  • Certified Associate in Project Management,
  • Project Management Professional,
  • IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director), or IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager), or IPMA Level C (Certified Project Manager), or IPMA Level D (Certified Project Management Associate).

Also, the course has been designed for some special candidates such as engineering leads, business analysts, business project managers, portfolio and program managers, and product managers. Apart from these professionals, the course can be also taken up by any professional who needs to learn the skills of Prince2.

Why Should You Take Up The Course?

A wide number of organizations today are expecting their employees to be highly professional and also skilled in order to get the best out of their business. Some of the basic reasons are to carry on a project in a smoother way, without complications, reduce down the costing, being more productive, satisfying the customers and the clients more, and so many other things. This is the reason there are so many companies that are planning to train up their employees with various certification courses such as Prince2.

But a lot many times it happens that the companies also do not wish to spend money and time on training up the employees. This is the reason such companies prefer to hire professionals who are already trained up with the Prince2 certification. With the need for more professionals, the number of candidates willing to acquire the certification course has also increased. There have been so many varied reasons why a candidate should take up this course.

An Expert In Project Management: One of the most basic and the most important reason to take up the certification course is to become an expert in the process of project management. It has been noticed that candidates who have been certified are comparatively much efficient and productive than the candidates who are not. It has been also noticed that a company that has employees who are Prince2 certified are more productive than the companies that does not. This makes it one of the most important reasons for the candidates to take up the course even when they have a good amount of experience in project management.

Better Opportunities: As mentioned before, organizations throughout the world are looking for candidates with Prince2 certification. So, this means you will be high on demand if you are certified in the course. You will have better opportunities and hence you will get the privilege of choosing among the best options to work for.

Bigger Salary: When the professionals with the certification are high on demand, of course, the companies will be ready to offer the best salary package. The weight is on your side and you can always be at a better side to negotiate your package and get something that is worth your experience and also your certification. Just adding up the certification in your resume can make up so much of difference and you can grow up in your career aspects as well as financially quite soon. As per a research, a professional candidate with the certification can have an average salary of about $90,000 or so.

Trying Different Places: One of the best things about such certification courses is that they set up common standards of working. This means wherever you go, you will have a set of options and standards that you can follow and get the job done. This means you do not have to hesitate to try out different places to work. Though skipping companies every year will not be a good thing for your resume, but if you are looking for a change, you can always try doing it without any hesitation with this certification in your hands.


Apart from teaching so many skills about project management, another thing that the certification course must have taught you is confidence. If you have gone through the modules well and have done really good in the test, it is sure that you are aware of the smallest details. You can always make use of these details in achieving the best results in the industry. When you are able to get things done in the right way each time, confidence automatically crawls up within you. The confidence not only makes you feel like a leader but also helps you in leading the team and managing a project in a better way.

Being Productive Each Time

The best thing about certified project managers is that they know the controlled approach to start a project and then to close it down on completion. Also, the projects are handled in a much-dignified way so that it reduces costing and increases the productivity. A good project manager knows how to handle the project along with the stakeholders, clients, and also the customers. This aims at better communication and also better customer satisfaction each time.

Offering The Best To The Organization

When you are productive and efficient, of course, the organization will be benefitted. Your skills and your knowledge will be highly beneficial not only for your individual personality but also for your company. It is because of your style of working that the company may either lose or win. Hence, this is one of the most common reasons why the companies are looking forward to hiring certified professionals and also of why candidates should acquire Prince2 certification.

There are so many individuals who wish to acquire the Prince2 certification only because some of the top companies prefer to hire such certified professionals. But it has to be understood that it is not the only reason for anyone to acquire the certification. Options such as Prince2 certification has been rated as one of the top paying certifications across the globe. Hence, if you are looking for a bright career in project management and wish to have great opportunities in hand, getting the certification course can be highly helpful. Not only the addition of the certification in your resume offers you a better position but also offers you a much handsome salary package. Be the one to take up the course seriously and get awarded with the certification to have a great future ahead in your project management career.


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