New “pavement cafe” proposed for Time Square


PLANS for an additional “pavement café” in Warrington’s Time Square development have been submitted to borough planning chiefs.

The application is for a change of use from public square to an external seating area outside Gravity Active.
Similar seating areas already exist outside The Botanist and Costello’s restaurants.
Extending about three metres ion front of Gravity Active, the proposed new seating area would have a total of nine tables which would be removed at night and taken indoors.
Originally it was also intended to install a number of heaters on the exterior of the building, but this proposal has been withdrawn from the application.

Planning officers say the proposal has the potential to increase footfall in the area and the principle of “pavement cafes” is already well established in Time Square.
It would contribute to the vitality and viability of the town centre
They are recommending the scheme be approved. – although it will also require a highway licence.
There have been no objections.


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  1. The Time square development is a complete failure by WBC .
    It’s lost 73 million pounds in value since it opened and is losing 6 million pounds a year in revenue.
    The idea that a few table and chairs will resolve the negative situation is Beyond belief.
    Half the buildings are vacant and potential landlords are reluctant to commit themselves to a tenancy.

  2. Just one question, How many people are there, that the town needs more cafe space, It is not cafes we need it is shops that sell cheaper food and goods that people want and can afford, and at rents that they can afford to make a small profit to stay in business, Building big nice shiny building looks great but if you can not get people in them at a price they can afford then its just a waste of taxpayers money, you only have to walk around on a Saturday and you see less and less people shopping every week the numbers go down, Warrington town is slowly dying and it is the fault of the council spending money like they have an endless supply of cash when they done

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