WoW: Dragonflight will bring New Dungeons, Raids, and Race-Class


World of Warcraft will be going to introduce its ninth expansion pack, titled World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Although the release date isn’t confirmed, you can join the beta version to be the luckiest to try the game first.

The announcement was made on 19 April 2022, and since then, players have been eager to try out the upcoming expansion pack. The trailer reveals many secrets the pack might contain, including WoW Raid and New Playable Race-and-Class. Besides, the addition of dragons is increasing players’ excitement; I’m also eager to try how it feels to ride a dragon.

In short, flying a dragon won’t be easy as it seems because the dragon will kick you out if you are detected as untrained. Apart from that, a well-written storyline may take you back on an epic adventure once again, wherein you will discover that the Dragonflights of Azeroth have returned to defend their ancient homeland, Dragon Isles. This time, there would be lots of elemental magic and action to keep you entertained until the end.

Newly Introduced Features

Lots of new features have been introduced, including some revised elements. You can experience brand-new gameplay that comes with the following features as mentioned below:

  • Dragon Riding will embark you on a new adventure.
  • Talent System comes with two Skill Trees.
  • Several Improved Professions may help you make your gameplay engaging.
  • New Playable Race-Class Combo, Dracthyr Evoker
  • New Level Cap – 70

This scene won’t end here, as new dungeons and WoW Raids are also introduced and if you are looking for the best WoW Raid Carry Service, click on the given link to find something interesting.

Eight New Dungeons to Explore

As mentioned above, eight new dungeons are featured; however, we don’t know about all as a few are known, and their names are the following:

  • Uldaman: The dungeon has been revamped from its classic version; however, it was previously known as Chambers.
  • Neltharus: Here, your objective is to battle against enemies to re-dominate the Stronghold of the Black Dragonflight.
  • The Life Pools: It is the dungeon where a sacred oath was put forth to the Titans.

Raids – Primal Incarnates

After learning about New Dungeons, you should know about Raids as they are also introduced and will be released with the Expansion Pack. There’s an ancient prison, Primal Incarnates, wherein you must venture through before their power reveals against Dragon Aspects. Besides, you should know that this game is known for its raids and hand-crafted experiences offered by Blizzard.

New Playable Race-and-Class, Dracthyr Evoker

A new character comes with two possible forms, and players can switch between these two customizable forms to defeat enemies. The available forms are Humanoid Visage and Fearsome Draconic Form. Both forms help you battle against enemies and deal with obstacles of different nature. Keep a few things in mind when you decide to play with the new character, as determining your Allegiance would matter, along with having information about specializations and empowered abilities.

Becoming a Dragonrider is Possible Now

With the release of Dragonflight, it will be possible to become a Dragonrider, but it requires you to improve your abilities and skills. You have a new way of transportation to navigate the world while searching to obtain four new Dragon Isles Drakes, each with unique skills, mounts, and customization abilities. In short, the extensive customization element may bring millions of possible combinations; therefore, you can consider that no two Drakes would be the same.

Beware – Dragon Isles’ Denizens Will Knock Out You

Surely, Mastering the skies would be your ultimate dream; therefore, keep honing your new riding abilities when keeping yourself, along with Drake in the Air. Be aware that the Dragon Isles’ denizens will throw you out of the sky if you have been found as an inexperienced Dragonriders.

  • Special Moves: You and your Drake will discover multiple ways to master new Maneuvers as you develop skills. So, get ready to battle against exhaustion while pulling the Earth and soaring above the Dragon Isles.
  • Talented Rider: Hunting down glyphs might help you improve your Dragonriding skill.
  • Customization: Completing additional challenges over the Dragon Isles may help unlock different customization options for your Dragon Isles Drakes.

When riding your dragon, dive down to gain momentum and unfurl the wings using your dragon riding skills to stay afloat. Please find the best place for your landing or defeat enemies landing on them.

Learn about New Talent System

Every level-up leaves you Talent Points with the possibility of spending them on two different talent trees: Class Talent Trees and Specialization Trees.

Furthermore, Talent Trees are one of the best aspects of the game that the developer has improved to make the game appear to the audience. It will again introduce Talent Trees with an extensive “Points-based System,” earlier found in 2004 release.


For some years, MMORPGs have been losing their popularity among players; however, making a few changes to some base games may bring MMORPGs back to their glory. Similarly, the step to introduce new content to their audience by developers, along with a few changes that might make World of Warcraft such a beloved game once again.



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