Life expectancy in Warrington is 81.5 years. But how does this compare to the national average?


According to new research into life expectancy figures by life insurance experts, Reassured, the average number of birthdays that new-borns in Warrington can expect to celebrate is 83 for girls and 79 for boys.

They looked at the latest ONS data, and then sussed out how factors such as your gender, where you live, your marital status, and even if you do or don’t have children can all affect how many years we live for.

Across the UK, life expectancy is currently 87.2 years for women and 84.3 years for men, so Warrington is a little behind right now, but the numbers do vary by location – the average for the North West region as a whole is 86.6 years for women and 83.9 years for men which is only marginally behind the national figures. The South East of England is currently where Brits live the longest – around 86 years for men and 88.3 years for women.

The statistics show that women typically live almost three years longer than men, but interestingly marriage also affects how long people live for and it appears to suit men better than women.

When married, the average life expectancy for a man increases by 1.1 years, whereas married women see their life expectancy drop by a year.

Parenthood is well-known to be hard work, but other leading research suggests that parents should actually be thanking their children, as being a parent can lead to a higher life expectancy. Parents across the UK are currently living for roughly three years more than those who haven’t had children.

The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ seems to be true too, as Brits are experiencing very different quantities of time in ‘good health’, depending on where they live. Those in the Orkney Islands enjoy the most years in ‘good health’ (around 90%), whereas those living in Blackpool are sadly enjoying the least years in ‘good health (around 70%), according to the most recent figures.

Across the globe, the current average life expectancy in 2021 is 72.8 years – which is 0.24% higher than last year and quite a bit lower than the UK figures. People living in Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, Switzerland and Singapore currently have the longest life expectancy of anywhere in the world.

Steve Marshall, CEO at Reassured added: “Following what has been a year of much turbulence and uncertainty, many of us are likely to have spent at least some time re-evaluating what is truly important, whether it be our partner, the children, the grandchildren, or the family home.

Life is often described as being short. But it’s fascinating to see how many elements of our everyday lives can impact these numbers, which is why we believe it’s so essential to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones, and to also ensure we have the necessary financial protection in place. This is why we are so passionate about life insurance and the peace of mind it can help provide.

Life insurance provides an affordable financial safety blanket to protect loved ones if we are no longer around to provide for them. The funds from a life insurance pay out are often used to cover the mortgage, meet family living costs, clear debt, cover household bills or even pay rising funeral expenses.”

There are other things you can do to help increase your life expectancy too, such as staying physically active, avoiding overeating, trying to keep your stress levels down, moderating your alcohol intake and not smoking.


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