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Your Guide to Scrapping a Car in Warrington


If you’re looking to sell, scrap, or dismantle your car for parts, Warrington is a great North West location to do so.

Conveniently nestled in between the two major North Western cities of Liverpool and Manchester, Warrington is a handy location for almost anybody who lives and works in the North West of England. If you live in or close by to Warrington and want to scrap your car for money, here’s how to go about it.

#1. Inform the DVLA:

Before scrapping a car in Warrington, you’ll need to inform the DVLA of your plans. At this point, you may also wish to apply to keep the registration number from your car, if desired. This is usually only applicable if you have a private registration plate on the vehicle and wish to transfer it to another or keep it until you wish to use it again. You will be able to use this service if your vehicle is registered under the DVLA and has been taxed for the past five years. A private number plate will be removed immediately if you apply online.   You can find out more information about this on the government website.

#2. Keeping Vehicle Parts:

Some car owners will want to dismantle their car for parts before scrapping anything that they don’t need. If you want to take parts from your car to use or sell before scrapping it in Warrington, then you’ll need to take the following steps to ensure that it’s done safely and legally. Firstly, you will need to tell the DVLA that your vehicle is no longer on the road whilst you remove the parts. During this time, you’ll need to keep it off the road on private land, in a garage, or on a private driveway.

#3. Finding a Scrap Site:

Once you’ve informed the DVLA of your plans, salvaged any parts and removed any private registration plates from your car, it’s time to find the best place to scrap it. To do this, you will need to find an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF); bear in mind that it is against the law to scrap a car anywhere else. Here, you will be paid for the scrap value of your vehicle. Bear in mind that if you’ve removed any parts yourself, you may be charged a fee if you’ve taken the engine, gear box, wheels, bodywork or other essential parts. Once your vehicle is in the hands of the ATF, they can decide whether to completely scrap it or restore it to sell.

#4. Insurance Write Offs:

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Warrington and have made an insurance claim, your insurance company will tell you if your vehicle is being ‘written off’, and how much they plan to pay you in compensation. When a vehicle is written off, you’ll be paid its current value, rather than the cost of repairing it. In most cases, your insurance company will usually handle the scrapping process, although you may choose to do this on your own. Before scrapping your car, don’t forget to inform the DVLA and send your log-book to your insurance firm. You will need to keep hold of the yellow slip (V5C/3).

#5. Your Certificate of Destruction:

After scrapping your car at any authorised Warrington site, you should receive a ‘certificate of destruction’ from the authorised treatment facility within seven days. This applies if you have scrapped a car, a three-wheeled motor vehicle except for motor tricycles, or a van. Bear in mind that no certificate will be given for any other type of vehicle. If you receive a certificate of destruction, be sure to keep it safe since this is your proof the vehicle has been scrapped. Being unable to access or produce it may make you liable for any traffic offence penalties or vehicle tax.

#6. What to Look for:

Everyone wants to get the best deal when scrapping their car, and for those in Warrington, there are several great options to choose from. Look for an authorised treatment facility that you can trust; you should be able to go to them for honest answers to any questions that you have about the process of scrapping your car. Scrap car prices should be fair, and for an extra bonus, Scrap Car Network’s Warrington branch will even donate a portion of the profits that they make directly to Recycling Lives, a charity that provides training, rehabilitation and employment for ex-offenders and formerly homeless individuals. Wherever possible, it’s also advisable to use an authorised treatment facility that takes pride in minimising their impact on the environment by working to green, ethical standards.

Have you recently scrapped a car in Warrington? What is your advice for others looking to do the same? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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