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WHEN was the last time you heard anyone say that they were feeling great? Or that everything was going really well and that they had no worries? I suspect for most readers it might be a while, it is for me certainly.
Have you noticed how many people are voicing the fact they have aches and pains, that they feel stressed, work is terrible, relationships are not as easy etc. I am finding more people are prepared to mention their aches and pains, voice their moans and groans. It’s as if it makes people feel better, and to some extent it may be cathartic for them to do so, but not all the time!
I am going to make an appeal to you dear reader, let us become more upbeat, more positive and let’s share that positivity with others. I have done this several times before writing this article and on several occasions I have stopped people in their tracks, really quiet amusing.
When asked how I’m keeping, I’ve replied wonderful, could be better of course but in the main doing well, how about you? On each occasion they have not replied about themselves, but wanted to know why, what am I doing to feel so good? Of course I have my aches and pains, worries about my family and the usual life events, but I also know that by having positive thoughts and attitude, this creates not only a shift in mood with the releasing of beneficial chemicals which can mitigate physical aches and pains, but also brings a brighter outlook on life.

“Memories are made of this” was sung by Dean Martin in 1955, a chirpy little song from a bygone era, but we all have some positive memories to call upon to help us now in this present, even in difficult times, past positive thoughts can help us to overcome difficulties, help to lighted a heavy mood, bring a different perspective to a situation. And these changes of thought and perception can help us not only now but in the future. And of course this moment and this time are tomorrows’ memories, if we can do something to make us feel good or at least better three times a day, it will over time become a habit, and when it does, you give out a more positive vibe, and that, as many people attest often brings better times, opportunities and outcomes.
In short what you send out you receive back. I realise too, that reading this at a difficult time in your life will sound hollow, even rubbish and a waste of time, but hopefully as luck may have it, you may read it when you are open and receptive to such suggestions and considerations. So try it, be upbeat three times a day, and see how it makes you feel.
You have nothing to lose, except moans and groans, negativity and feeling down, and so much to gain, you may find so much to genuinely enjoy and be thankful for.
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