Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station – the next phase of demolition


AN application for planning consent for the second phase of the demolition of the iconic Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station has been submitted to Warrington Borough Council.

It is hoped the work start at the end of May and be completed by the end of the year.

But it will not include demolition of the remaining cooling towers, the main power station chimney stack nor the gas turbine building exhaust stack so will not involve a repeat of the spectacular blasting from the landscape of the first four cooling towers in December last year.
A separate application for permission to demolish the remaining cooling towers and stacks will be made later.
The second phase of the demolition will involve some 53 hectares of land encompassing the central, eastern and southern areas of the former power station, north of the St Helens Canal.
It also excludes the Boiler House and Turbine Hall (which will be demolished in a later phase), as well as the 275kV National Grid Substation, the 132kV Cuerdley Bulk Supply Substation (operated by SP Energy Networks), the Ash Processing Plant and the Rail Sidings (all of which are proposed to be retained as part of the wider re-development of the overall site.

When the demolition is completed it is intended to redevelop the site with about 101 hectares of employment land and at least 860 new homes.
There are also proposals for a new primary school, shops, community facilities, land for a potential GP surgery, public open space, an extensive green infrastructure network, transport improvements, ecological mitigation and flood mitigation and drainage.
Documents submitted to Warrington Borough Council say the proposed Phase 2 demolition can take place in a successful and controlled manner that will not give rise to adverse impacts. Further, the range of mitigation measures proposed will ensure that any impacts arising are effectively mitigated and managed.
Consultants working on behalf of applicants Peel NRE say they hope to hear from the council within 28 days.

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