Watching residents left disappointed as fog obscures demolition of Fiddler’s Ferry cooling towers


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WATCH: HUNDREDS of local residents who turned out in force in freezing conditions to watch the demolition of four of the iconic cooling towers at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station, were left disappointed as a stubborn fog obscured their vision.

For those present watching from the Penketh area, many who have lived in the shadow of the cooling towers for more than half a century, their final memory will be a bang and a boom as local resident Grace Taylor had the honour of pressing the demolition button.
Scheduled for 9 am, the demolition was delayed in the hope the fog would lift and when it did on the Widnes side, the decision was made to proceed.

Grace’s children James and Rose and their auntie Sue, were amongst the crowd of onlookers from the end of Tannery Lane.

Like many of those who gathered to watch young James was sad to see them go and disappointed he couldn’t see them take their final bow – but fortunately thanks to his mum they have memories to last a lifetime.

Grace won the honour of pressing the button after buying a raffle ticket to support Warrington Disability Partnership, with a total of £14,600 raised for the local charity.

Following the bang and boom, which could be heard far and wide, with some residents saying their homes shook, the towers came tumbling down in a matter of seconds.

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Penketh resident Grace Taylor presses the button to demolish the four towers

Video of the demolition from the Fiddler’s Ferry site can be viewed by CLICKING HERE


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