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0 Time to Reflect
As the months roll on and we start to put winter behind us, many of us start to plan ahead for holidays and other life events. Read More
0 Fulfilment and Purpose
LIFE offers many lessons to be learnt to enable us to feel happy and fulfilled within our relationships, our choices of education, careers and home life.  Read More
0 Hypnotes October – Silence!
THE busyness of life is all around us, people rushing around, the hustle and bustle of everyday activity.  Accompanying this is the constant noise from conversations, traffic, doors opening and closing, footfall, objects being moved, electricity, and so much more.  We become accustomed to all this noise and movement around us, so do we ever really switch off from it?  Read More
0 Help for the suicidal
WARRINGTON Borough Council’s public health team is raising awareness of local help available to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.  Read More
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