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0 Hypnotes August – Expectations
THE sun has got it’s hat on hip hip hip hooray, a friend sang to me recently, and we pondered if this was really the start of the summer we have all been waiting for.  We tend to speculate whether we will have a good long summer, which we feel is well overdue, but will our expectations soon be shattered?  And what will that do to our plans and most of all to our mood.  Read More
0 New patient services hotline
BRIDGEWATER Community Healthcare NHS Trust – which provides a range of community health services in Warrington and neighbouring areas – has launched a new patient services telephone number Read More
0 Guide to new health services
WARRINGTON’S Clinical Commissioning Group – the new NHS organisation which now has responsibility for the town’s health and social care services – has published a guide to who they are and what they do. Read More
0 Hypnotes July – Time passes all too quickly
As I write this column the early June sun is making a welcome appearance.  How much brighter, happier and enjoyable things seem when the sun is shining.  The cold windy days of winter and spring seem far away, but we know we have to enjoy the sunshine when we can, because sooner than we would like, the warm and hopefully hot sunny days will soon be consigned to memory as autumn is upon us again. Read More
0 Hypnotes June 2013 ~ Steps
WHEN we were children we took small steps, unsure and uncertain of our abilities to walk, often stumbling, and sometimes hurting ourselves when falling. But we got up and we persevered, and eventually we gained our confidence and walked without effort and thought. Read More
0 Health watchdog launches
A NEW organisation, Healthwatch Warrington, launches on Monday and will enable local people to help shape health and social care services in the town. Read More
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