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6 Gadgets to Help Improve Your Golf Skills


Most golfers would like to get better at the sport and improve their skills. But getting practice in is not as simple with a sport like golf.

No one has the luxury of hitting the links every day or hiring an instructor to refine their swing and everything else they need to work on. But there are a variety of tools that you could use to improve your game from wherever you are. Some accessories will help you perform better while you’re playing. Let’s take a look at a few gadgets that can help improve your golf skills.

A Launch Monitor

Launch monitors can be used on and off the course to monitor your shots. You can use a golf launch monitor to track things such as the velocity, trajectory, spin rate, curvature, and more. You can use a golf launch monitor with a net if you’re at home, and have your shots displayed on a TV screen or another type of monitor. This is one of the most valuable tools you can use if you want to practice in and out of season.

Hitting Net

If you’re going to get a monitor, then getting a hitting net is the logical next choice. This is exactly what it sounds like – a net you can use to hit shots as hard as you want and improve your performance. While you can get an idea of how good your shots are without a monitor, it would be better to use one if you’re still a novice. Pick a net that is sturdy and durable. You should also pick one that is easily portable so you can move it from inside the house to the backyard or anywhere else easily. While these can cost up to $1,000, you can find some out there around the $100 mark, so shop around.

Pocket Bunker

We’ve all seen pocket bunkers and they do work even if they look kind of silly. The legs underneath give the ball enough elevation to simulate a bunker shot. This way, you’ll be able to practice your bunker shots wherever you are.

Swing Coach Club

This is another gadget a lot of people will scoff at, but it can be an exceptional tool for anyone who wants to get a feel for their drive before they pick one up. This tool is geared towards novices and can help them develop a smooth pick-up, acceleration, and the perfect follow-through.


If you want to hit the links but don’t have a spotter, you should consider investing in a rangefinder. Some people simply will not want to trust a spotter’s eye, and this would be a good option for them as well. Most on the market will allow you to see the distance from the ball and split it up into different parts. They will also usually be equipped with lasers to allow them to gauge distance more accurately. It’s a great tool if you’re struggling with club selection and have difficulty calculating distances.

3D Swing Analyzer

This is one of the first gadgets anyone serious about improving their swing should pick up. This allows you to see a 3D rendering of your shots and see where you can do better. And unlike an instructor, these will give you a thorough analysis based on data, not a bunch of irrelevant advice and harsh comments.

If your goal is to take your game to the next level, make sure that you consider investing in these few tools. They can improve your game at different levels and you might end up using some of them for your whole career.


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