Large Grey seal dines out on giant Pike in River Mersey at Paddington Bank


Pictures Terry Eagan
VIDEO: A large Grey seal was captured on camera dining out on a giant Pike in the River Mersey at Paddington Bank, Warrington, by New Cut Heritage and Eco-Trail volunteer Terry Eagan, earlier today, Thursday.

Terry captured the action on camera at Approx 12:55 pm this afternoon as the Grey Seal gorged itself on a large Pike in Mersey adjacent Paddington Bank then headed downstream towards Kingsway Bridge.
Terry is a member of the New Cut Heritage and Ecology Trail group.
There have been numerous seal sightings in the Mersey in Warrington in recent years – and judging by the size of the Pike it is no surprise they keep returning for more!

Most sightings have been near Warrington Rowing Club or near the stretch of the Mersey near Victoria Park.

Videos: Chris Ashton


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  2. No such seal in British waters called an Atlantic Seal. British Isles have two species – Common Seal Phoca vitulina and the Grey Seal Halichoerus grypus. Both are found on the western coast of the UK.

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