The Green Belt Takeover


Read your ‘Editor’s Comment’ with interest, especially the part where you suggested that the required infrastructure be in place before any new housing is built. What I cannot understand is why this isn’t in the county’s laws. Local and central government plans for any new housing should only be allowed if the necessary infrastructure is put in place first. It’s just plain common sense.
In the Warrington area of Lymm alone, they plan to build 9000 new houses. The infrastructure, such as Roads, Schools, GP Surgeries and Dentists can hardly cope with the housing in this area as it is. When asked about this, the reply from Warrington BC was that it will be put in place as the new housing progresses. When asked to see the plans for these promises, there were none, or how it would all be funded.
On house building matters, are both local and central government at the mercy of the developers, because they seem to be the only people who benefit from such plans.


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