Justyna cooks up a winner

A SCHOOL chef from Warrington will be among the 10 finalists bidding for the title “School Chef of the year” title at Stratford upon Avon on Thursday, March 8


End of an era as iconic water tower set to be demolished

WARRINGTON Borough Council’s proposed demolition of the historic Garnett’s Cabinet Works has caused a storm of protest from local residents who are upset that the iconic water tower feature will be lost from the town’s skyline.


Reducing your tax liabilities

As we approach the end of the tax year it is time to look at some tips for reducing your tax liabilities.  As usual, however, you should never let the tax tail wag the dog.


Experience the golden age of Motown

Get ready for a magical event celebrating the golden age of music as a show-stopping spectacular night of live music steams into town.


Models wanted for Fashion for Peace fundraiser

MODELS are being invited to take part in a cross community, cross cultural fashion show being organised in Warrington to mark the 25th Anniversary of the IRA bomb which tragically killed two young boys, Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball.


The Green Belt Takeover

Read your ‘Editor’s Comment’ with interest, especially the part where you suggested that the required infrastructure be in place before…