No logic in moving Lymm into Tatton while retaining Warrington services


THEY say a week is a long time in politics – well now 24 hours is a long time in politics!

Shortly after our local MP for Warrington South Andy Carter announced he was not seeking re-election, three of his colleagues, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced they were quitting the Government with immediate effect, sparking by-elections.

While I’m sure Mr Carter’s decision not to seek re-election had nothing to do with the decision taken by his colleagues, it does reflect the state of Government at the moment which does little to steady the ship in such uncertain times.

Putting politics aside and having worked with many MPs representing both the Conservatives and Labour over the past four decades, I know Andy has been a hard working constituency MP, who is highly thought of by many in the community and while the next General Election is not expected until later next year, I would like to take this opportunity to wish him well for the future – where ever and whatever that may involve.

The decision by the boundary commission to move Lymm out of Warrington South into Tatton clearly played a big part in Andy’s decision making process – as it wiped out a huge chunk of his majority – and with the Government’s current ratings, almost zero success of holding the seat at the next General Election – although like I said at the opening of this piece – 24 hours is a long time in politics – so the political landscape could be completely different this time next year- although I very much doubt it!

Meanwhile, the actual decision to place Lymm in Tatton, while retaining services from Warrington Borough Council, appears to be completely ludicrous. It means we will have an MP from Tatton, who has no working relationship with our elected Warrington Borough Councillors.
When people want to escalate local issues they will have to deal with local Borough councillors and an MP down the road in Tatton.
I see absolutely no logic in it whatsoever and would love to hear from anybody who can highlight the benefits to me?
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  1. What benefit does it get for Tatton? Will Lymm still pay Warrington council tax and take from the Warrington pot or from the Tatton pot? I’m very confused as to why this is needed. Q

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