Busy time on the buses – now we need free-flowing highways – are LTNs the answer?


IT’S certainly been a busy time at Warrington’s Own Buses recently, in particular, their move from the old depot on Wilderspool Causeway to their new state-of-the-art premises on Dallam Lane.

I am sure the new working conditions will be a huge improvement for the staff. It all comes on the back of another Government initiative aimed at getting more people on the buses, with fares currently capped at £2.

From all accounts, this is having a positive impact with the aim of making bus travel cheaper – and with the current cost of living crisis, I am sure this will be helpful for
some bus users.

With an electric bus fleet around the corner, with the aim of not only keeping costs down but also reducing Co2 emissions, it should help our air quality – although I know there is also the issue of particulates from rubber tyres off all vehicles that use our roads – but at least it is a step in the right direction.

All this investment is aimed at encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use local buses instead – but I suspect that will still remain a challenge, no matter how good a bus service we have.
Human beings are creatures of habit and jumping in the car to pop to the local shops or to get into work, or to take the kids to school is often easier than catching public transport.

People are often quick to criticise when a bus doesn’t turn up, or run on time but how many are critical of using their expensive cars?
Running a bus company can not be an easy job, particularly in a town that suffers so much gridlock – which I’m afraid hasn’t been helped by the Central 6 LTN at Westy, Latchford.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been stuck in traffic while attempting to get up and down Knutsford Road, due to the swing bridge being off or a crash on the motorway networks or local roadworks.

The final consultation on the scheme is now ongoing and hopefully common sense will prevail and this travesty of a highway scheme scrapped.
If we want free-flowing public transport we will need a free-flowing highway network – and whatever road improvement scheme is introduced only seems to make things worse.
The only real solution is getting cars off the roads – but that’s almost like which came first the chicken or the egg?
Until there are enough buses running on time, people will continue to jump in their cars adding to the congestion! Good luck to everyone involved in solving that problem!
Meanwhile best wishes to Ben Wakerley and the team at Warrington’s Own Buses in their new premises – I know they are always doing their best to deliver a reliable bus service to our town, in
difficult circumstances.


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  1. I have lived and worked in Warrington for over 40 years.
    The towns chronic traffic situation has got worse. Ill thought traffic schemes created and failed.
    Schemes to transport school children from one side of the town to another is another congestion factor.
    Old antiquated swing bridges that aren’t fit for the 21st century.
    What WBC fail to accept is that we are surrounded by 3 motorways . Whenever there is a major accident on the motorway the traffic is diverted through the town and have failed to plan for this eventuality .


    “ABSOLUTE CHAOTIC & IDIOTIC IDEA”- that has not worked and made matters alot worse now!!

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