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0 Tired of people putting you down?
WHAT is it with people these days? Not all people, but some people. They can find time to complain or to put people down or criticize, but when it comes to handing out a little praise, they clam up. Read More
0 What does your future hold?
DO you know what the future has in store for you? Even in spite of the doom and gloom reported in the news, there is one thing we can be sure of, and that is we have more authority and control over our lives than most of us think. Read More
0 Health and well being
Welcome to the health and well being section of warrington-worldwide in association with our regular “Hypnotes” columnist Michael Mahoney.Michael is a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Warrington.He has research and patient trials experience and is a member of the Hypnotherapy Association and an associate of the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology. He is a non NHS service provider and Private Health Service Provider.For more details visit, email or call 01925 658322.Meanwhile you can follow his monthly updates and read our health related stories below. Read More
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