Tribute to a man dedicated to the safety of children


WARRINGTON school maintenance officer Ste Rowley was dedicated to the safety of children as they travelled to and from school every day.

The much-loved figure, who tragically died in an accident on the M62 in March, spent lots of time at the beginning and end of each school day monitoring parking outside Warrington Primary Academy Trust (WPAT) schools – especially Beamont Primary.

Now Ste’s family have made a donation to the school in his memory. Widow Maz and his children have given the school a set of parking signs that will help to deter motorists from parking outside the school.
The community pulled together for Ste’s family in the wake of his death, raising thousands of pounds so that the dedicated dad could be given a fitting send-off.
Maz Rowley said: “We, as a family, decided to use the remaining money from donations after Ste’s death to put towards something that was meaningful to him.

“Ste was very passionate about the safety of the children around all of his schools, but especially Beamont! The parking on the yellow zigzags outside school was his worst pet hate and he would spend lots of time outside monitoring the parking before and after school.
“We thought that the best way to use this money was to put it towards something Ste was very passionate about. We chose to purchase the little parking people in the hope that it would help to keep the children of the school safe – just as Ste wanted!”
Headteacher Karen Morris said: “We are incredibly grateful to the Rowley family for this generous donation. We all know just how passionate Ste was about helping to keep the children safe as they made their way to and from school. As Maz and her family say, Ste would have greatly approved of this lovely gesture.”

Pictured with the new parking signs outside Beamont Primary is Maz Rowley and four of her five children (from left), Spencer, Tristan, Lola-Rae and Demi-Leigh.


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