Electricity storage facility plan for Fiddler’s Ferry power station site


PLANS have been drawn up for a battery storage facility within the site of the decommissioned Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station, near Warrington.

The purpose of the development is to store excess electricity at times of low demand and re-distribute it back into the National Grid at times of higher demand or network instability.

A planning application by SSE Energy Solutions is currently being considered by Warrington Borough Council and states:
“This multipurpose, fast-acting response service will help ensure that National Grid can maintain electricity transmission network stability set by Government under its Electricity Transmission Licence and the Security and Quality of Supply Standard.
“The site is deemed suitable for this development given the proposed re-development of the power station site following demolition of the existing infrastructure. The site is located within the employment area as shown on the site allocation.
“The site is also within close proximity of the National Grid substation where a connection can be made easily”

Only last month it was revealed that the power station site has been purchased by natural resources and energy company Peel NRE which plan to produce a 10-15 year mixed-use master plan for the 820-acre site – one of the largest brownfield sites in the country.
New developments for industrial use and new homes in a sustainable community are planned to provide jobs, skills and address housing shortages in the borough.
The plans will also create extensive new parkland and wildlife areas to enhance the environment.
SSE Energy Solutions’ proposals involve an area of the power station site scheduled for employment.


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