No objections – but planners refuse garden extension on householder’s own land


PLANNING chiefs at Warrington have thrown out a householder’s retrospective application to fence off a piece of land adjoining their home and convert it to garden.

There were no objections from neighbours, local borough councillors, or the local parish council. The land in question is owned by the applicant and is not designated as open space.

But Warrington Borough Council planning officers ruled that the development at an end-terraced house in Ellesworth Close, Great Sankey had an unacceptably harmful impact on the street scene through the removal of soft landscaping and the extension of a domestic boundary fence into a public amenity space.

The development did not improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area nor did it comply with the development plan so did not comprise sustainable development.
Officers said although the enclosed piece of land was in the ownership of the applicant, it was initially designed as an open amenity space which contributed to the leafy character of the area


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  1. When you look around and see just how many approved applications have actually had a malign impact on their surrounding street scenes; this decision defies description. It also makes you wonder whether those who are supposed to have/display an impartial, unbiased and experienced knowledge in reaching their decisions, consider the influence on owner of this property.

  2. Just another example of planners playing GOD!! I find most these planners are just power mad loony tunes. I went though the exact same thing but had it granted on appeal. Or maybe just another way for them to generate more revenue for themselves?

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