Big Jubilee Lunch

Landlady turns milestone birthday into life-saving gift


WHEN a customer collapsed in her Warrington pub, landlady Lisa Leyland was grateful for the off-duty nurses in the building who were able to come quickly to the sufferer’s aid.

Following the shocking incident, Lisa, who runs the Millhouse on Cinnamon Brow in Padgate, decided it was vital for the Joseph Holt pub to have its own defibrillator – a device used to help revive someone who is in cardiac arrest.

So much so that since she was about to turn 50, Lisa told friends and family to donate to her fundraiser rather than buy a gift for her milestone birthday.

Now, thanks to further charity events at the pub, including raffles and bingo nights. Lisa and her staff have raised £1000 for the piece of life-saving equipment which has just been installed at the pub.

“It was very shocking when this gentleman collapsed with a heart attack,” recalls Lisa, 51. “We were lucky that some nurses who happened to be in the pub knew how to stabilise him and make him comfortable – although sadly he passed away in hospital five days later. But the incident stayed with me and I really felt having a  defibrillator was so important. Not only for the Millhouse – but as a community pub – for the area too.

Staff at the Millhouse have since had specialist training to use the device which is now located behind the bar.

Lisa added: “I hope we never have to use it. But it’s here to give peace of mind and a vital resource for the community.”


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