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MP wins praise for speech in “No Confidence” debate


MP Helen Jones has received a huge, positive, response to her speech in the “No Confidence” debate in Parliament – from constituents and those outside Warrington.
The Warrington North MP highlighted the government’s failings – and not just on Brexit.
She said that the Prime Minister was unable to appreciate the circumstances in which many people live – highlighting the people who work every day but still have to go to food banks to feed their children, the elderly who cannot get proper social care, people who are denied adaptations to their homes and families trapped in unsuitable homes because of the lack of social housing.
The MP said: “These are not the shirkers and the shysters of Tory imagination – these are people who are doing the right thing and going out to work every day to earn their poverty. That has come about not by incompetence but as a result of the deliberate policy of cutting back the services on which so many people in our society depend.
“I have no confidence in this government not just because they are incompetent but because they have no confidence and no faith in the people of this country.”
There was a huge response to Ms Jones’ speech from people in Warrington and beyond. Messages and comments on social media include:
* “The contribution of Helen Jones has been the most effective of all the Labour MP’s who’ve spoken today.”
* “A great speech delivered concisely with passion and without notes. Reminded me of the great days of Barbara Castle. Helen Jones For PM”
* “Thank you Helen. Completely agree.”
* “Good speech Helen, reality and real stuff.”
* “And an excellent speech it was. Well said. Whether people agree with Corbyn’s leadership or not people need to realise the Labour party is filled with excellent MPs such as you”.
* “Helen Jones MP just hit the nail absolutely on the head. That speech was outstanding and said succinctly, exactly what we are all thinking. Thank you for speaking up for those who aren’t being heard.”
* “Stonkingly well said.”


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