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Police and council act quickly to move travellers on from St Elphin’s Park


POLICE and Warrington Borough Council acted quickly to ensure an illegal travellers encampment was moved on from St Elpin’s Park.

An estimated eight vehicles arrived on the land on Friday evening but had vacated the site by Sunday afternoon.

It is believed they cut a lock on a park gate to gain access to the site.

The illegal encampment created anxiety for local residents but failed to stop a local community day from taking place, as police and Warrington Borough Council moved quickly to move the travellers off the site.

It is believed to be the same travellers who recently spent time on Silver Lane near Risley.

For more details on the community day visit the Friends of St Elphin’s facebook page CLICK HERE



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  1. Great to hear that the community fun day still went ahead despite the travellers intrusion.

    It really annoys me though and I know I have already said similar on the forum page topic but WHY are they allowed to just get away with it all the time.

    If any of us hitched up caravans, forced entry to a park, defecated on the open land where kids and other people walk and play and left all our other rubbish lying around when we left we would be arrested, in fact we would probably be arrested or at least moved on IMMEDIATELY before we had chance to do the rest.

    Maybe if the rules were changed, if only to make forced entry onto council owned or private land a punishable crime, they might think twice about doing it. As it is they know there is never any come back and they are free to just go on their merry little way and to move on to the next place to do it all over again and laugh in people’s faces. Rant over, sorry !!

  2. Just been told some have set up camp on Harpers Road, Padgate in the car park of the Bayleaf Indian this afternoon (Monday). 8 vans again or there abouts. Probably the same lot mentioned above as they were on Silver Lane late yesterday afternoon after being moved from St Elphins. For travellers they don’t travel very far do they !! Surely the council/police should be given powers to remove them from the local authority area not just from the spot they have parked up on. They way it is they seem free to just move a few miles up the road leading to the police and council having to go through the same procedures day after day until they finally DO go ! Ridiculous !!

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