Swan and seven eggs disappear from nest


VILLAGERS have been left distraught following the mystery disappearance of a swan and seven eggs from a nest at Ackers Pit, Stockton Heath,
Warrington, during the night.
A pair of swans have successfully nested at the site for the past six years – but this morning, only the female swan remained alongside an empty nest and no sign of seven eggs which had been due to hatch.
Carolyn Mostyn and her husband Darren from Latchford, have enjoyed watching the family of swans for many years.
Carolyn said: ” They have been there for many years and every year they have cygnets and it is great watching them grow up.
“The female has been sat on seven eggs for 40 days and my husband has been going every day to keep an eye on them. He has been going for around six years now taking photos of them.
“They were there on Saturday afternoon and I think there were ready to hatch. But when my husband went round on Sunday morning it appears someone has taken all seven eggs and the male swan!
“God knows what they have done with them. It is too upsetting to think about. I rang the RSPCA to check first whether they had been and took them for some reason, but they hadn’t. It is devastating that someone has done this to such beautiful animals and left the female swan there heartbroken at losing not only her babies but her partner too. She is just swimming around looking for them.”
Carolyn added: “The police have been out but with nothing to go on we are not holding out much hope that any of them will be back.
“It is so upsetting and so many people are devastated as to what has happened, I just wish I knew who it was so we could get the family back together.”

Pictures show the female on the nest with the male behind and the empty nest this morning.


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