Club defends 20p drinks promotion


A TOWN centre nightclub at Warrington has defended its policy of selling pints of beer for 20p and spirits at 10p to students.
The new Showbar club, at Friar’s Gate is hosting its first “2 Bob Tuesday” tonight.
But the cut-price promotion, aimed at students, has been criticised by alcohol awareness campaigners who say it is “totally irresponsible.”
There will be a £5 entrance fee at the club. But once in, students will be able to buy half-pints of beer for 10p.
Pints will cost 20p and spirits will cost 10p.
The policy has attracted national anger, with pressure group Alcohol Concern, saying it should be barred because it encourages irresponsible drinking.
But a spokesman for the club said they were being unfairly criticised.
The aim was to welcome new students to Warrington.
He said: “Other clubs in the town are offering drinks for a penny and we have to be competitive.”
He said the club was in full support of a minimum price policy for drink in Warrington.
Many other clubs in the town were offering “unbelieveable” prices and at weekends the Showbar was one of the most expensive venues.
Other offers at the club include all drinks at £2 on Friday nights and two-for-one cocktails on Saturdays.
Earlier this year, Warrington Borough Council decided to support a national move to impose a minimum price limit of 50p per unit on alcholhol.
Cheshire Police have also supported the restriction, although they have cautioned that they do not think it would solve the problems of binge drinking and anti-social behaviour in the town centre.
They want a ban on the sale of cheap alcohol in supermarkets.
People with alcohol problems are costing NHS Warrington millions of pounds a year – and the town is the second worst in the North West for people drinking to dangerous levels.
Pictured: a poster promoting the “2 bob Tuesdays”


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  1. More stupidity and irresponsible actions that are encouraging the drinks culture. Labour endorsed these night clubs in our town, so now they are in power, they should close them down or add some rules to stop all this. It would seem that no-one looks at the knock-on problems.

  2. I can’t believe what I have just read and this sort of thing needs to be stopped as like Silver Surfer says it is encouraging the drinks culture or worded differently the ‘get bladdered as quickly and cheaply as you can’ culture. It should not be allowed especially as they are clearly targeting YOUNGSTERS !!

  3. Is this true? Warrington is already well known for the culture in the Town Centre especially at week-ends. Other residents are prevented from going to the Town Centre on Friday and Saturday nights. The Council has got to take action and prevent this sort of irresponsible action by Club Owners, and quick!

  4. Take a look at today’s Daily Mail and see just what this “penny a drink club that must remain competitive” is doing for the already sullied name of the town. Just as well the super-markets don’t use the same excuse.

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