Author David Costa meets up with top screenwriter


WARRINGTON author David Costa – the pen-name of former councillor Paul Campbell – met up with a top screenwriter on a recent visit to Belfast.

The pair had plenty to talk about as screenwriter Declan Law’s popular TV drama “Blue Lights” which has just started a second series on BBC-1 and Paul’s David Reece SG9 Black Ops trilogy, both deal with policing in Northern Ireland.
Declan was a former investigative journalist and Paul was a police officer who spent many years working in counter-terrorism so they both have plenty of background knowledge to add realism to their writing.
In more recent years Paul has served as a Warrington borough councillor and as a parish councillor in both Culcheth and Croft. But he has many memories of his years in the police which enable him to give his thrillers plenty of authenticity.

He said: ‘It was great to catch up with Declan and to present him with signed copies of my books which I hope he enjoys. I also congratulated him on his wonderful work on the BBC series and the news that the BBC has signed up for two more series of the cop show. “
Paul’s trilogy – “Tested by Fire”, “Outside the Shadows” and “Light of the Sun” are all available from Amazon, both as paperbacks and as e-books.
They all appear under the name David Costa – and if you wonder where he got the name from, it came to him while he was enjoying a drink in a certain coffee shop!


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