Travel to the Ends of the World. Why Should You Visit Antarctica?


Have you found yourself wondering, “Can I take a Antarctica tour package,” “Do people visit the continent,” or “Should I visit Antarctica?” The answers are yes, yes, and yes again.

Did you know that the IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators) revealed that Antarctica had over 74,000 visitors from October 2019 to April 2020, whereas the 2018 to 2019 season witnessed over 56,000 visitors? This reflects that an increasing number of the global population is awakening to the attractions that the continent holds.

Antarctica should be on your bucket list, and all the reasons for that discussed below:


The uninhabited nature of the region means that Antarctic animals, especially penguins, are not afraid of humans. They are very curious because there are no predators on the ground. From Emperor and King to Gentoo, there are 18 species of penguins living. Therefore, when you take a trip to Antarctica, you can easily meet with these flightless birds. Other birds include different albatross, skuas, petrels, terns, and gulls. These are all nesters who inhabit the continent’s rocky areas during spring, reaching over 100 million.

Whales, seals, and sea lions may also be seen swimming in the water nearby. If your cruise is scheduled for May or June, you may even get to witness fluffy little penguins running around in the snow.


As a visitor, adventure is one of the main aspects you’ll be looking forward to, such as kayaking, exploring, camping, rowing, skiing, scuba diving, and hiking. You may have seen icebergs before, but Antarctica’s icebergs are sure to take your breath away. As your ship nears the region, the size and shape of the icebergs change. Soon, you’ll be surrounded by icebergs on all sides. The subject continent is one of the last places on earth that has not been spoiled by humans – yet. A cruise to Antarctica will guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Antarctica has a long and illustrious record of exploration by daring explorers. Traditionally, dog sleds and tall ships were used by them. In the current time, comfortable and stylish special polar cruising ships are used. The extraordinary ancient monuments of Antarctica are part of the allure. As a visitor, you may come across century-old huts with old pots and pans still placed within, industrial machines, and a nuclear power facility.

Antarctica contains 85 historical sites recognized by the Antarctic Treaty System. Some of the historical sites you should visit are as follows:

  • The whaling station on Deception Island
  • The nuclear power plant at McMurdo Station
  • The Ice cave site at Inexpressible Island
  • Charcot’s cairn on Booth Island
  • Amundsen’s tent
  • Terra Nova hut
  • Lenin’s bust

There will be informative sessions available when you plan your trip to Antarctica. These are fascinating talks by enthusiastic experts who know everything there is to know about the region.


Whether you’re a simple enthusiast, aspiring to become the next outstanding documentary filmmaker or a photographer, Antarctica offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The region can provide you with the opportunity to shoot some truly beautiful photographs, starting with the completely unafraid wildlife to the exotic and intriguing scenery.

The photos and unique experience you collect here will be beyond anything you’ve seen so far, and they’ll also give you confidence as an artist. You may have 24 hours of sunshine based on when you visit during the summer months, which provides many opportunities to photograph scenery and wildlife.

So, get your camera and kit ready to capture the huge white icebergs, magnificent mountains, unique ice formations, stunning cliffs, and eye-catching wildlife. If you are a budding photographer, then a professional photographer can assist you. They frequently fly onboard to help you improve your photographic abilities.


Since Antarctica stays largely unspoiled and all operations are rigorously supervised and monitored, scientific activities are extremely important. The scientific investigations contribute to our understanding of global environmental concerns – such as climate change, sea-level rise, ozone layer depletion, etc.

It should be unsurprising that this is a popular location for climate change researchers, but it’s also a popular spot for astronomy. It is one of the greatest sites in the world to stargaze because of the clean air, minimal distractions, steady weather, and lack of light pollution. This allows researchers and scientists an opportunity to better the different climatic and cosmological aspects.


Antarctica is categorized as a polar desert and is the driest continent in the world. It receives an average of 8 inches of precipitation per year. Antarctica is also the world’s coldest, windiest, and iciest location. You would be required to dress accordingly. You won’t feel cold and will soon become used to it. However, the cool surrounding air will grab your attention.

Final Thoughts

Antarctica is exceptional in many ways, but probably the most remarkable is its tranquility. Pause from the shriek of warring penguins and the cry of fur seals by walking inland and sitting peacefully in this huge pristine ice landscape, particularly because such refreshing silence is difficult to come by in our hectic daily lives. The bottom line that a cruise to Antarctica is 100% worth it.


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