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Roof-top terrace dining area approved for Stockton Heath restaurant


PLANNING chiefs have given the green light for a roof-top terrace dining area above two existing restaurants in Stockton Heath’s busy London Road.

Objections were received from two residents concerned about increased noise, late-night disturbance and traffic and parking problems.
But the scheme above the Expedition restaurant and the adjoining property was approved.

Planning officers did not believe the development would result in any significant harm to the Stockton Heath Conservation area or nearby Listed buildings nor to the amenity of the nearest residents.
On the contrary, they believed it would increase the vitality of the shopping area.
Applicants Livingwood Ventures Ltd say an increase of seven full-time and seven part-time staff is expected .
The roof terrace will be accessed via the existing Expedition restaurant.
It will have a retractable pergola roof.
In their application, the applicants refer to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality industry with the loss of covers to enable social distancing to be achieved.
This directly affects the viability of the business with implications for the retention of jobs and the vitality of town centres.


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