Residents warned against complacency following recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Warrington


RESIDENTS are being warned not to be complacent following a recent rise in confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Warrington, with another five new cases in the past 24 hours – making a total of 25 over five days.

Seven new cases were reported in two local care homes last week with further cases in the local community.
A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said:”It’s critical that we ask people to focus on prevention and how they can play their part. We’re doing very well in the North West compared to many but of course Warrington isn’t immune to the virus.
“Confidence and assuredness is key, but we also need to acknowledge that we need to be relentless in observing the guidance.
“The majority of recent cases are within the community, with a small number of Warrington’s new cases being identified in care homes.
“All appropriate prevention measures in affected care homes have been put in place and routine whole care home testing continues to be rolled out across Warrington, with staff and residents tested on a frequent basis.
This helps to pick up any asymptomatic (where people show no symptoms) and pre-symptomatic (before symptoms are displayed) cases so that control and prevention measures can be put in place immediately.
“Warrington has, for the past few months, had one of the lowest infection rates in the North West and is testament to the vigilance and carefulness of our residents and communities.
This recent rise in cases, although small compared to many other areas, is a reminder that we are still living with the virus, that we can still pass it on to other people and that now – more than ever – we cannot afford to be complacent.
“Please continue to observe social distancing, maintain excellent hand hygiene and wear a face covering when you need to (such as going to the shops). And, if you have any symptoms of coronavirus including a high temperature, a persistent cough or loss of normal taste or smell – or if you just generally feel unwell – book a coronavirus test immediately.”

A total of 1,370 Warrington residents have now tested positive, an increase of five from yesterday.
Reporting data on deaths, which stand at 179 for Warrington, can be problematic and difficult because there are different sources that this information is pulled from and it’s not accurate to sum hospital deaths with care home deaths, for example, as deaths occurring in the hospital may not necessarily relate to a Warrington resident.
Across the UK the daily number of COVID-19 associated UK deaths was 21, taking the total number of deaths to 46,526.
The daily number of lab-confirmed UK cases was 816 taking the total number to 311,641.
The total number of people tested in the UK is now 13,453,361 with 1,067 patients currently in hospital and 67 patients in ventilator beds.

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  1. We need to be told which section of the community is currently being affected so that the right people can change their behaviour. We need to know this now and not have to wait until next week, when it is out of control.

    • The evidence from Preston is that roughly 50% are under 30. Whilst not ideal the death rates for under 30s are minimal, many will be unaware they have it although they might spread it to elderly relatives.

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