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Five things to consider before a winter holiday


The winter months are the ideal opportunity to really explore the sights of Europe. Despite the number of adventures on offer in winter some winter holidays can be unforgettable for the wrong reasons.

If you’re going to Europe this winter, make sure you complete a European health insurance card renewal application to ensure you are eligible to receive free medical attention during your trip in Europe. Find out things you need to consider before going on a winter holiday below.

  1. The weather

Before going on a winter holiday, consider what the weather will be like at your destination. There are several factors that affect the weather including the time of day and season. In the winter months, temperatures around the world drop – but not all. At this time of year the average temperate in Bali is 32 degrees and in the Costa Del Sol you can expect highs of 30 but others don’t have the privilege of continued sun.

The weather can be very unpredictable so don’t forget layering and be cautious of sudden weather changes at all times. It’s important to stay dry and be aware of your surroundings whilst travelling, whether it be on the road or by public transport. It’s not only planes than can be delayed, cancelled or stranded!

  1. Your accommodation

If you plan on travelling during the colder months, make sure your chosen accommodation has enough to keep you entertained for the duration of the time you’re there. During the summer, hotels and resorts tend to offer more activities for guests than in the winter because they know there will be a high volume of people to keep occupied.

You should think beyond the entertained found at your accommodation too. You may want to consider what you can see and explore close by or if there is transport available to take you to the surrounding areas.

  1. Travel Insurance

Bad weather conditions can cause delays and cancellations. Harsh winter weather such as fog and ice can result in your trip being cancelled and can be expensive without the protection of travel insurance. Having proper travel insurance will provide sufficient protection against issues that may arise when on a winter holiday including medical emergencies and lost luggage.

  1. What to pack

When it comes to packing for a winter holiday, you need to be prepared for all possibilities including days by the pool and those that it’s impossible to leave the safety of your resort. It’s a good idea to take a jumper with you and a light jacket to layer over the top.

  1. Your health

Bad weather can play havoc with our health. If it is predicted to be cold, windy and wet, is it really worth the hassle? The cold weakens our immune response which results in a lack of blood supply. More worryingly, it affects the upper respiratory system when cold air is breathed in. Those that suffer with asthma will experience symptoms will get worse during the cooler months and could result in increased asthma attacks.


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