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Mayor of Warrington “de-selected” by Labour Party


WARRINGTON’S Mayor, Cllr Geoff Settle, has been “de-selected” by the Labour Party and will be standing down as a councillor ahead of the all-out May elections.
The shock decision, by national party officials, has surprised local councillors and party workers.
But Cllr Settle – who has proved a popular Mayor – says he is not bitter and sees his de-selection as an opportunity.Mayor_Geoff_Settle
He said: ”I have no problems with anyone locally – in fact no problems with anyone.  I just failed an interview, probably because of the way I answered one question.  I could have appealed and got in.
“But I thought about and decided it was time to go. I am 62, I will have been on the council for six years and I think the time is right.
“I am involved with so many other organisations and charities that I will still have plenty to do.”
The Poulton North councillor says his Mayoral and council duties can take up to 90 hours a week.  He will have attended about 500 events as Mayor by the time he finishes and has already raised about £5,000 for the Mayor’s charities.
“The Mayoress, my wife Jean, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mayoral year and will continue working hard for the town until our year of office ends. “
Cllr Settle swiftly became known as Warrington’s first digital Mayor, because of the way he kept in touch with the public through social media.
He also became famous for “Teddy George” – the teddy bear he took to many engagements and which he found a useful fund-raising aid.
“If I go somewhere without him now, people ask me where he is” he laughed.
Cllr Settle believes he will be able to devote more time to helping charity groups and other organisations he is connected with to cope with the difficulties that have arisen due to financial cutbacks.
He has known about his de-selection since last year but has only now decided to announce it.


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  1. I’ve met some people in my time but Geoff and Jean Settle have been the most amazing hard working Mayor and Mayoress Warrington has ever had and it’s not just all being about opening events, it’s Geoff involvement in the Town.
    Shocked by the deselection
    What more can he have possibly done?

  2. What an absolute crazy decision.
    Good to see you have maintained your dignity Geoff. Probably better out of politics and just carry on doing your best for the people of Warrington and our great town.

  3. I’m absolutely gobsmacked and yes as Gary has already said well done for maintaining your dignity Clr/Mayor Geoff Settle. Ok so I’m not a fan of the labour party or any other parties to be honest these days but what I will say is that you are a credit to Warrington in all that your have done both as a caring and pro-active councilor and also in your role as a wonderful Mayor. Same can be said for your wife the Mayoress too in all that she has done.
    I wish you all the best Clr Geoff and I’m sure that you will continue to strive to do the best for all the charities you and your wife are involved with as you have always done and your deselection is the Labour parties loss. Of course you could always stand as an independent 😉

    I can’t believe that the only two councillors in Warrington that I have any respect for, the other being Clr Paul Kennedy, and who are actually any use and do what they are elected to do as well as going the extra mile to help people, are the two who already appear to be out of their seats and the running before the elections even start. Madness and what’s the point of voting when all we may be left with to choose from are those who seem to want to point score and get in the news with their whinges and finger pointing all the time. God help Warrington 🙁 Sorry rant over….

  4. Pretty obvious what is happening here…. as Geoff has stated, it is a national party decision to deselect him and when you compare to the mess that the far left is getting the national Labour party into, Geoff will be well out of it. Standing as an independent here in Warrington is also a non-starter (As Cllr Kennedy will confirm)…unfortunately, Warrington is a proper “Pin a red rosette on a donkey and they’ll vote for it” kind of town

  5. Absolutely ridiculous. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting with Geoff and was highly impressed by his astuteness and caring attitude for the people of Warrington. He connects with the public both in person and through social media. He will have my support any day for being a man of the people, it is a pity there are not more who are so in touch with what is happening. Well done Geoff for your dignity.

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