Double disaster for Lib Dems as leader loses seat


Tory leader Paul Kennedy with successful candidates Stephen Taylor and Kath Buckley and members of his local team


VIDEO: IT was a double disaster for the Lib Dems in the Warrington local elections  as group leader Ian Marks lost his seat at Lymm to the Conservatives who also won in Stockton Heath.


Ian Marks

While the Lib Dems were devastated by their losses, there was elation in the Tory camp who saw their party grow from 3-5 on the borough council.

Conservative leader Paul Kennedy was delighted with what he described as a “sensational result.” (See video interview above.)

There were no shocks for Labour who successfully defended 14 seats,although they will have been disappointed not to have taken Culcheth off the Conservatives.

In Stockton Heath, where sitting Lib Dem councillor Celia Jordan retired, the Conservatives made a gain with Stephen Taylor winning the seat.

But in neighbouring Appleton veteran Lib Dem Peter Walker held off a challenge from the Conservatives.

Cllr Marks said he was disappointed to lose his seat in Lymm as he felt he had worked hard in the community. He plans to take 12 months off and look at the situation in 12 months time when the whole council is up for election. (see full interview above)

He was beaten by local parish council chairman Kath Buckley.

Over in Culcheth Labour had been confident of winning a seat from the Tories but veteran councillor Sue Bland held off a challenge from Cathy Mitchell.

There was excitement in the parish elections at Stockton Heath where Conservative Philip Marshall  (252) lost out by just one vote to Lib Dem Dorothy Robb (253).


David Mowat (right) with successful candidates Stephen Taylor and Kath Buckley


Jonathan Levy (Cons); 2902
Peter Walker (Lib Dem). 3505      Turn out 77 pc LIB DEM HOLD

Bewsey and Whitecross
Sonia Boggan (Cons); 702
Mike Byrne (UKIP); 692
Steve Parish (Lab); 2837
Bob Timmis (Lib Dem); 347
Dan Warren (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. 81    Turn out 50 pc LAB HOLD

Nigel Balding (Cons); 1549
Chris Fitzsimmons (Lab); 2404
Michael Johnson (UKIP); 827
Christine Oliver (Lib Dem); 267
Tracey Valentine (Green). 288    Turn Out 64.35 pc LAB HOLD

Burtonwood and Winwick
Frank Allen (Cons); 1062
John Joyce (Lab); 1926
Robert Littler (Lib Dem).295   Turn Out 65 pc LAB HOLD

Culcheth Glazebury and Croft
Sue Bland (Cons); 3024
Cathy Mitchell (Lab); 2674
Eddie Sloane (Lib Dem). 532  Turn Out 72 pc  CON HOLD

Fairfield and Howley
Helena Campbell (Cons); 826
Phil Henshaw (UKIP);937
Tony Higgins (Lab); 2864
Lyndsay McAteer (Green); 407
Ann Oldbury (Lib Dem). 68       Turn out 51 pc LAB HOLD

Grappenhall and Thelwall
Mike Biggin (Lib Dem); 2583
Constantine Biller (Cons); 1879
Tom Jennings (Lab); 1216
Andy Yelland (Green). 296  Turn Out 76 pc  LIB DEM HOLD

Great Sankey North
Stephanie Davies (Green); 160
Mike Foxall (Cons); 1027
Mal Lingley (UKIP); 423
Dan Price (Lab Co-op); 1510
Roy Smith (Lib Dem).524        Turn out 72.36 pc  LAB HOLD

Great Sankey South
Jean Carter (Lab); 3017
Andrew Ford (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition); 238
David Hockehull (Liberal Dem); 561
Maxine Thomson (Cons). 1945  Turn Out 68pc LAB HOLD

Latchford East
Hans Mundry (Lab Co-op); 2364
Tim Price (Lib Dem); 238
Harish Sharma (Cons); 561
Sid Simmons (UKIP). 558 Turn Out 56 pc LAB HOLD

Latchford West
Shelley Bennett (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition); 75
Rupert Budgen (Lib Dem); 327
Ged Hall (UKIP); 605
Phil Marshall (Cons); 1004
Maureen McLaughlin (Lab). 1808   Turn out  64pc LAB HOLD

Kath Buckley (Cons); 2995
Derek Clark (UKIP); 628
Ian Marks (Lib Dem); 2483
Christine Zastawny (Lab). 1418  Turn Out 75 pc CON GAIN

Edgar Davies (Lib Dem); 324
Kate Hannon (Lab); 2864
Ian Richards (UKIP). 1138  Turn Out 55.13  LAB HOLD

Penketh and Cuerdley
Sam Baxter (Cons); 2167
Linda Dirir (Lab); 2683
Graham Gowland (Lib Dem). 256   Turn Out 74 pc LAB HOLD

Poplars and Hulme
Francine Leslie (Cons); 659
Trevor Nicholls (UKIP); 923
Shanise Oldbury (Lib Dem); 122
Steve Roberts (Lab). 2471   Turn out 53 pc  LAB HOLD

Poulton North
Sandra Bradshaw (Lib Dem); 834
Graham Friend (Lab); 2624
Barbara Johnson (UKIP). 1376

Rixton and Woolston
Paul Bretherton (Lab);  2395
Diana Grylls (Lib Dem); 241
Geoff Siddall (UKIP); 914
Robin Sloan (Cons).1498   Turn Out 68.26  LAB HOLD

Stockton Heath
Karen Mundry (Lab); 854
Ann Raymond (Lib Dem); 1157
Stephen Taylor (Cons); 1526
Kenneth Wilson (Green). 238

Whittle Hall
Alan Bird (Lib Dem);1905
Julian Craddock (Cons);2023
Adam Hemsley (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition);158
Faisal Rashid (Lab). 2961  Turn out 69 pc LAB HOLD


Parish council election results

Stockton Heath Parish Council – Lumb Brook ward
Angela Mary Fell     Labour     380
Jonathan Levy     Conservative     472 (Elected)
Turnout 75.17%

Stockton Heath Parish Council – St Thomas’ ward
Valerie Goulden      Labour     222
Philip Marshall     Conservative     252
Dorothy Robb     Liberal Democrats     253 (Elected)
Turnout 74.52%

Croft Parish Council – Southworth ward
Martyn Griffiths     Conservative     649 (Elected)
Norman Partington     Labour     598
Turnout 71.08%


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