HYPNOTES by Michael Mahoney

There are a lot of misconceptions about ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘Hypnotherapy’ and how it can help people. Previous Hypnotes have identified issues which may affect people and have raised awareness of thought processes and how to manage feelings and reactive behaviours.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, a state we all slip into many times during the day when we daydream, carry out actions such as driving on automatic pilot, focus intently on our work, and drifting into asleep when we go to bed. The main aim when using Hypnosis within Therapy is to create desired changes to unhealthy habits, self limiting beliefs, distorted attitudes and inappropriate behaviours, including within relationships. When using Hypnosis we work predominantly with the main 3 of the 5 senses – what you see, hear and feel; assisting the creative part of the mind to become activated. If you think about the masterpiece an artist can create, they are using their creative minds being totally focused on the canvas in front of them, shutting out everything around them. They are effectively working within a hypnotic trance state.

If an artist can create a masterpiece, then everyone has the ability on some level to create something unique and different for themselves and also for others. You may be thinking, ‘well not me, I’m not creative’. As children we all had the ability to be imaginative, therefore creative, and creativity comes in many forms. People can lose their creative abilities as they grow into adults, as their rational minds develop; but the good thing is, the creative mind can always be activated, and in simple ways. Here are three examples of how words can tap into the imagination, and be used to help you to enhance your creative abilities and thus create positive change for yourself:

Imagine the light, in whatever form,
Does it shine brightly or is it dim?
How does the air about you feel,
Is it warm or cool on your skin?
How do you experience silence,
Or the noises around you, is it a din?

Imagine roses, the trees and the grass,
Be aware of the sky, the clouds or the stars,
Imagine chasing rainbows, floating clouds, butterflies…
what about moonbeams, sun-rays, raindrops?
I believe….
I believe I can cut my own pathway
I believe I can step off the edge and not fall
I believe I can close my eyes and follow my heart and soul
I believe I can walk in the rain and not get wet
I believe in today and have hope for tomorrow
I believe in dreams, I believe in me….

It is important to use positive words and statements as in the 3rd example above. Generally people run self limiting negative messages about themselves in their minds, and these can be replaced by positive statements, which can be read out loud or listened to in a recording when in a state of relaxation or during a focused creative activity. If you wish to discuss how you can work towards becoming more creative, and how to create desired change for yourself, please contact me or my associate, Cate on: 01925 658322 to arrange an Initial Consultation.


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