Talented 15-year-olds receive awards for refereeing


TWO talented 15-year-olds from Lymm have received refereeing awards at a ceremony at Old Trafford Football Ground.

Daisy Nurse and Theo Gyepi-Garbrah have been recognised for their outstanding achievements as football referees, showcasing their exceptional dedication and skill in one of the most challenging part-time roles available to teenagers.

Being a football referee is not an easy job. It requires quick decision-making, extensive knowledge of the game, and the ability to remain impartial under pressure. For teenagers, this role is particularly challenging yet immensely character-building. Daisy and Theo’s recent accolades are a testament to their hard work and exceptional performance.
Both Daisy and Theo attend Lymm High School and previously attended Statham Primary School in Lymm. They both play football themselves for Lymm Rovers Football Club and their journey from local students to award-winning referees is inspiring to other young people in sport.
Daisy was awarded the Best New Referee award despite having completed her training only midway through this season. According to Paul Barratt, Referee Secretary from South Manchester Girls Football League Daisy achieved 100 per cent scores from all the games she officiated – a rare and commendable accomplishment. Coaches provide scores after each game, which are logged with the Football Association (FA) but not shared with the referees.

Theo was also recognized for his exemplary performance and dedication. His ability to manage games with fairness and authority has earned him high praise from both players and coaches alike. As a proud representative of Black heritage, Theo’s success is especially significant in Cheshire, a region traditionally underrepresented with minority groups. His achievement, along with Daisy’s, highlights the importance of celebrating and supporting diversity within the community.
The success of Daisy and Theo highlights the importance of encouraging young people to take on the role of referees.
Statistics show that there is a growing number of female referees, yet they remain underrepresented in many leagues. It is crucial to support and nurture young referees, providing them with the training and opportunities needed to thrive in this demanding role.
Refereeing not only fosters a deep understanding of the game but also teaches valuable life skills such as leadership, communication, and resilience. By supporting young referees like Daisy and Theo, the football community can ensure the development of fair and skilled officiating for future generations.


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