Warrington – one of the best places to pass your driving test!


WARRINGTON is one of the best places to pass your driving test in the UK!

New research has revealed the borough has the eighth highest driving pass rates in the country.

The research, carried out by the Bill Plant Driving School, also reveals that Warrington has 164 approved driving instructors per 100,000 people and that there are 35,787 provisional licence holders per 100,000 people.
When it comes to the age-old question of whether men or better drivers than women, the pass rate in Warrington seems to indicate that men are.
The male pass rate is 60.2 per cent and the female pass rate is 54.8. This gives an overall pass rate of 57.3 per cent.

In fairness, however, it should be pointed out that in Durham – which has the best UK pass rate, of 63.4 per cent – it is the ladies who are on top. They have a pass rate of 61.1 compared with the men who have only 57.7.
And in four of the top 10 towns and cities, the research shows that women have a better pass rate than men.
Experts at the Bill Plant Driving School came to their conclusions by looking at the locations with the most approved instructors, the most provisional licence holders, the least road accidents and congestion, as well as those with the best driving test pass rates.

Based on the average delay on A Roads, Warrington came 18th in a list of places with the least congestion – a statistic which local motorists might find hard to swallow!


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