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Technique for creating a video game


It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t played video games in their entire life until now, and you’ve probably wondered how video game development works.

The platforms on which these video games can be played range from game consoles, computers or laptops to mobile phones, tablets and even smartwatches.

Game development services at Whimsygames can help in this area.

The influence of the video game industry in our country is very great.  Statistics show that citizens are spending more and more money on this type of leisure.

If you want to create your own video game from scratch, you should know that it will be hard work, especially if you do not have the support of a team of people to help you, but it will be very helpful.

You may be able to create a successful video game and make a lot of money from it, but before you start working on your dream, we recommend that you study all the aspects and basic steps to make a video game from scratch.


The first step is to understand the idea and understand what type of video game you want to create, and know in general terms what you want to convey with it.

You don’t have to sit and wait for an idea to come to you, it can come up at any moment, just be attentive to the circumstances, when you have the perfect idea for the game, you will understand.

If after a couple of weeks you can’t think of anything, you can try looking at other games that you like and based on them come up with something for your game.  You can also rely on the book you read, the TV series, and so on.  There are many places to draw inspiration and ideas from.

Think about your limitations

If you want to create a video game with high quality graphics, you will need team support as well as significant financial support.

You can start by creating a mobile game as they are generally less complex than a PC or game console.  If you do it right, you can create a mobile game that offers many hours of fun, you might also consider developing a graphical adventure or 2D game where you don’t need a powerful graphics engine to create scenes.

You should also think about the time you are going to spend on development, if you only have a couple of hours a week, don’t go for something very complicated.

Create script

Now you can start working on the script:

Define Characters and Settings: Create maps for each character and for each scenario.  If you are good at drawing, you can accompany each card with a descriptive drawing.

Determine the opening, middle, and end of your story, as if it were a novel.

Make a list of events that can happen in your story.

Create missions for your game and how to solve them.  Think about how to reward the player for achievements.  Organize ideas in different paths that the story can take.

Prepare your work computer

You need to use your current computer for development, as the software that will allow you to create games will require significant hardware support.  Generally, it doesn’t have to be the latest generation, but it doesn’t have to be very old.  And having good RAM is very important.

Even if you are creating a small game, it is very good to have a group of friends to help you develop it, each of whom will focus on a specific part of the game.  For example, one group member might be involved in sound effects, another in graphics, and a third in programming.

If you can count on help, that is much better, as you are more likely to get a more professional game and get it done in less time.

Be careful with the automatic updates of your computer, keep them under control so that you don’t have any problems.

Where and how to develop your game is up to you.  The main thing is to study before this all the features and get more info.


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